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H&K MR556 416 AR15 Rifle 5.56/223 16 Barrel 30 Rnd Mag

H&K MR556 416 AR15 Rifle 5.56/223 16 Barrel 30 Rnd Mag

H&K MR556 416 AR15 Rifle 5.56/223 16 Barrel 30 Rnd Mag

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Features HK-proprietary gas piston system




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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Worth it, February 09, 2016
I know HK makes great products, but I'm by no means a fanboy; the only other HK I own is a VP9. I thought the MR556 was an equivalent platform to other, less proprietary-minded company's take on the AR....that was until I shot it. After putting a few thousand rounds down range I feel comfortable saying this is the best market AR15 I have ever used. It is worth the price of admission.
By Sean from Richmond, VA
Correct- best there is, June 15, 2015
I had to scrape up change to afford this rifle - but you're right- it is the best and worth the price of admission. Thanks Impact
By Packer from WA
Best AR on the market, June 14, 2015
Ignore the clown comparing this superior weapon to a heap of crap like an SKS. The two systems are "the same" in the way that a small block chevy v8 is the same as a small block ford: they are both engines with 8 cylinders and pushrods. The MR556 might not be a 416 but it's as close as it gets. Is it pricey? Of course, but so are POF, LWRC and the like, but this HK is the semi-auto version of the one issued to operators. If you want a toy, get a bushmaster, if you want a high quality, durable, reliable, and accurate weapon, made by the best firearms manufacturer on the planet, this is the best AR for the money and the best in the high end bracket.
By SKS is crap from Germany
Best feeling AR on the market, August 25, 2013
Bought this gun last year as somewhat of an impulse purchase. Read about it during development and knew HK was a great brand, but mostly purchased this because it was pretty rare. I have several different ARs and have shot many more, but this gun is the most solid, crisp shooting AR I have experienced. You have to shoot it to believe the feel. It is completely solid, and has a beautiful trigger. I am a die-hard LMT and KAC fan, but I do feel this gun is more solid than either. Never gets dirty, never had a malfunction. It is heavy and does not have many gimmicks, but I think this would be a great gun to have if I ever deployed again. Also, the magazines from HK are the best made AR mags available. They are heavy, but solid and very reliable. Buy one and see.
By Engineer from Texas
The best civilian AR style rifle on the market..., January 24, 2013
After long debate I broke down and purchased an Hk MR556A1. The price was a hold up for me, but after shooting one, I knew, " it must be mine". This is truly the best built AR type rifle I have ever handled. It is a sub MOA gun, if the operator can do their part. After buying it and comparing it to LWRC or Adams piston AR's the only thing they have in common is the look. I have never shot an AR that stays cleaner or requires less lubrication to keep it running. Even Larry Vickers says this is the Rifle that All other piston AR's will ever be compared to.
By CDJ from North Carolina
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