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High Standard 1911 USGI Spec, Parkerized, 45ACP W/7 Rnd Mag

High Standard 1911 USGI Spec, Parkerized, 45ACP W/7 Rnd Mag

High Standard 1911 USGI Spec, Parkerized, 45ACP W/7 Rnd Mag

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ITEM #: 8557560011110
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Reviewed by 7 customer  
Excellent Firearm, April 11, 2015
I but approximately 1100 rounds through my H&S before 1 round jamed. I Cleared it and it continued to fire. I did this to ensure it was dependable before carrying. I cleaned it and qualified at the range with a nice group.
By Johnnyreb from Communist California
nice entry-level gun for the money, January 17, 2014
Had a problem with jams while reloading but I think that was due to a cheap mag. I have not had any jamming issues while firing. I just wish I could find an internal laser sight.
By Jon from Texas
Great Pistol for the Money, December 13, 2013
I love this 1911. It works like a clock and problem free after approximately 1500 rds. No jams. Approximately 600 rds fired before first cleaning. As good as my Springfields and Colt.
By Johnny Reb from California
Good Value, August 07, 2013
This model is manufactured by Armscor under license from High Standard. Was apprehensive about buying an import, but have been very satisfied with the product. In roughly 1-1/2 years, I've easily run 2500 rounds of several different factory loaded cartridges through it without a single jam / FTE. Only real shortcoming is the GI style, steel sights. White dot sights will prove to be a worthwhile investment for any Buyer.
By Walt from Florida
Update after two trips to the Gun Smith, February 19, 2013
After fixing the Grip Screw/Shim into the Frame with Locktite I was able to fire the gun. It is your typical 1911; it is traditional, yet lacked a Lanyard Loop which I added as I wanted a 1911 as close to what I carried in the Army as an MP. It functioned flawlessly (50 Rounds in 10 Mags). I bought Colt GI Style Brand New Magazines (9) and the supplied 8 Round Magazine, two did not lock back the slide but all functioned with 5 Round Magazines (as we carried on duty plus new mags it is better not to top them off. All functioned so I am satisfied. I got decent accuracy, I knew I was not buying a Target 1911 that was not the intent. Decent Basic Gun without paying too much. Quality Control would have cought the stripped screw into the frame, as it is I had to fix it. If it shoots loose I will return it! Then I will get a SIG.
By FormerMPSGT from Iowa
Love it, February 11, 2013
I have owned one for quite a few years now and love it. Reliable to shoot and can't recall any firing issues. I've put a lot of different brands in it and shoots them all. Highly recommend for a first 1911 as it was mine.
By Tommy from Va
Trouble from the Start! Un Fired, February 10, 2013
The Screw into the Lower Receiver that your grip screw goes into was stripped from the factory so I have had it to the Gun Smith to get the mess with Locktite I caused and the cleaned it more and because I cannot re assemble properly it is back to the Gun Smith (my fault, maybe) and it still has not been to the range yet. Had a chance to buy the Remington and probably should have. Have had Co lt long ago and Kimber Custom Target II, both no problems but I wanted a GI Configuration. Not Satisfied!
By FormerMPSGT from Iowa
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