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High Standard 1911 USGI Spec, Parkerized, 45ACP W/7 Rnd Mag

High Standard 1911 USGI Spec, Parkerized, 45ACP W/7 Rnd Mag

High Standard 1911 USGI Spec, Parkerized, 45ACP W/7 Rnd Mag

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ITEM #: 8557560011110
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Hi Standard

1911 45 ACP Model TX1911 Goverment 5" Barrel, Parkerized to Mil Spec Finish, 7 Round Mag

This High Standard Govt model 1911 is a High Value version of the ever popular 1911. Designed for US troops by John Browning - for the purpose of stopping large aggressive troops in their tracks. The 45 ACP cartridge features a wide bullet cross section and heavy weight. A very serious combination. And it worked. Worked so well that we have now passed the 100th year anniversary of the design, and there is no reason to believe the 1911 Govt model will ever loose it's place in the hands and safes of gun enthusiasts.

Consider this- if your situation puts you in harms way, the 1911 would be a perfect choice. Regardless of your size, shooting ability or skill. And while you should practice the operation of the 1911- it is extremely simple and natural. I have no doubt you can be come proficient in very short time.

Some might say "a 45 caliber pistol is just too big to carry", they would be mistaken. The slim profile and flat grip combine for a surprisingly comfortable experience.

And finally- I would recommend you drop by one of our retail stores and try the "closed eye" test: Take the 1911 in your hand- in a steady normal grip. Close your eyes. Now bring the gun up to shooting level. Open your eyes. If the gun is pointed straight and not skiwompus- this could be your next gun.

There is no reason the 1911 will not celebrate it's 200th anniversary and be even more popular that today (unless we fail to stand up for our freedom- but that's a story for page 2...)

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