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Hi-Point 45ACP 4.5" Barrel 3 Dot Sights 9rd Black Polymer Frame

Hi-Point 45ACP 4.5" Barrel 3 Dot Sights 9rd Black Polymer Frame

Hi-Point 45ACP 4.5" Barrel 3 Dot Sights 9rd Black Polymer Frame

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Reviewed by 45 customer  
Just Perfect, October 08, 2016
The Gun fired Perfectly with NO JAMS. The more I Look at HI-POINT the more I like them aesthetically. This is my first HI-POINT and it wont be the last. I'm going to purchase the entire line, from all the pistols to all the carbines as well.
By J.Jackson from Houston
High Point critics listen up!, January 12, 2016
Got my .45 today and sounded off with about 50 rounds of BlazerBrass 230gr. Nothing Short of perfect! It's on the heavy side, but that gives way for very little recoil and nice gun control. At 25 yds. I was able to keep a shot grouping inside a 10in radius. About the size of an intruders head. It's made in the USA and gets the job done!
By Bear from Union, MS
outstanding value, June 28, 2015
just took my new hi point 45 out and tried it out. i was shocked at the quality of the pistol and the accuracy right out of the box. i'm very pleased. sure, its ugly and kinda heavy.........but it does what a gun is supposed to do......shoots every time and hits the target if i do my part. i'd buy another in a heartbeat. try'll like it.
By aubrey from missouri
Hi Point-Not Bad At All, March 12, 2015
Picked up the JHP a few weeks ago and have to say that I really like it. This thing shot straight right out of the box and has been flawless in it's performance. I polished the feed ramp (comes painted black), tweaked the magazine, and added some Traction grips within a week. Yes, it's a little large and does have some weight to it, but it's definitely manageable. I've taken it out to the range a couple of times and have shot varied ammo brands without and FTF,FTE or accuracy issues. I can comfortably say that this is now my official nightstand gun. I'm a big fan of .45ACP and just had to try the Hi-Point for myself. No regrets, you just cant beat an accurate .45 for this price. Thanks Impact Guns. It's a keeper!
By Al from El Paso, Texas
Excellent Weapon, August 11, 2014
I am former military, I haven't really shot in almost a decade. A friend of mine told me about this Hi-Point Model JHP .45 ACP. I was intriqued. I went through the process and bought the gun. It was different, it is big and heavy. I got the chance to shoot it about a week later. The handgun performed flawlessly. The Ammunition used was Winchester .45ACP 230Gr. FMJ Target rounds. After sighting it in, the weapon was accurate at around 40 ft. Just remember to bring your ear protection along 230Gr Rounds are quite loud.
By Lee from Central Maine
Haven't fired yet, May 29, 2014
Just bought one at local gun show, was going to buy here but got that, I want it now bug. Got home and stripped it down, YouTube video was very helpful, not the easiest gun to dis and re assemble, but overall yeah, it's heavy, bulky and ugly, I love it! Can't wait to shoot it this weekend.
By Jen from The lone star state
Worth every Penny, January 16, 2014
Based on price and how it shots, it's worth it. Big and bulky? Yes. Your not going to conceal this puppy. This gun is heavy so it helps with recoil. I have a 12 year old boy and he shot a entire box. No problems and he was very accurate (thanks X-Box) don't hesitate buying this gun.
By K2 from Boise
45 Auto - Good Work Guys - One Happy Camper, September 18, 2013
Nothings perfect, but for less than $200 with a box of shells you can't beat them with a stick. Took the HP 45 to the range for the first time & shot a group the size of a coke can top till there was no paper left to hit. Problem with the trigger pull, it's just different. One of the range officers stopped by and mentioned he had a problem getting used to it on his .380 HP as well. Used both brass and steel casings, no problem. Thanks Hi Point, great work, much appreciated.
By Chuck Taylor from Houston, TX.
Dont listen to anyone, July 14, 2013
I've heard so many bad reviews on this weapon dont listen to them. I have shot this gun and it performs flawlessly. I am a ex bodygaurd and part time gun smith and I was very impressed with this handgun. on top of that I broke the gun down and cleaned it as well it may be a bit heavy and seem simple inside but I give it a five star rate. Way to go hi point
By Robert Buck Buchanan from Durham North Carolina
Great Pistol, June 23, 2013
I own 2 C9's and a 45 JHP, love them all. I qm a former Marine and have been around firearms for over 40 years. These weapons do exactly what they are designed to do. Fire a projectile accurately towards the point of aim. People say the 45 is ugly...I disagree, this weapon looks great. It is a weapon, not a fashion statement. Anyone unfortunate enough to look at this weapon from the receiving end is going to realize that they are not looking at a toy. People who say it is to heavy should probably not be shooting a 45 anyway. This is a quality made American firearm that will show up and be ready for use every time...and for the price you can not beat it...period. If you are looking for a quality firearm at a ridiculously low price...Hi Point is the way to go.
By Colorado John from Missouri
Worth the cost, May 28, 2013
I bought mine a month ago. Ugly, Heavy, Shoots great. No jambs with a 500+ rounds. I shoot all types of ammo, Russian to full metal jacket. Keep it in my truck, take it in the range with great results at 10-20 yards. I call it my cannon. I paid $189. it's only $174 now. Get one. Extra mags are only $16-17 bucks.
By Tracy B. from Centerville, Utah
A Cannon, April 16, 2013
This is my third gun from Impact Guns. They make it easy. I was looking for a gun to keep in the truck that I didn't worry about damaging etc. $200.00 can't be beat for a cannon like this. Shot 100 rounds of Russian ammo with no problems. 45 ACP is a little more than the 9mm I always buy but the difference in power is amazing. I still need to bulk up the arms a little to hold it steady. Get one and let the fun begin.
By Tracy B. from Centerville, Utah
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