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Hi-Point Carbine .45 ACP 17.5" Barrel, Black Skeletonized Stock

Hi-Point Carbine .45 ACP 17.5" Barrel, Black Skeletonized Stock

Hi-Point Carbine .45 ACP 17.5" Barrel, Black Skeletonized Stock

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ITEM #: 752334500021
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Reviewed by 14 customer  
Up close and personable."..can't be beat, July 19, 2015
200 rounds no jams...shoots 2 " groups at 40plus to shoot..."what's not to like"
By Marty from nc
4595ts high point carbine, January 09, 2015
i liked the first one so well that i bought another. very good gun....esp for the money. awesome out to 75 yards..........which is very good for a pistol cal bullet. i would highly recommend.
By aubrey from missouri
4595 TS? 5 stars all around, if you consider the price! It's a solid 4 star gun even up against high dollar guns, even a "hater" has to give it 3 stars! Impact Guns rating system does not do partial "stars" in the average, but it's over 4 stars, around 4-1/2 actually :D
By undeRGRound from INDY
Great guns since 2001, September 28, 2014
Have 9mm carbine w/scope & red dot, 9mm pistol with no accessories. Last time at range , everyone had to shoot them, should have had salesman standing by. Paid under 200 for each. Easy to keep clean. Good weapons do not have to be expensive! Also have black powder revolver and carbine, so I am ready to throw 32 rounds at any home invader! Black powder guns very soft to shoot, noise & smoke should scare any intruder!
By Phil from Texas
Love this gun!, August 02, 2014
1 inch groups at 50 yards, right out of the box. Never jammed and the ergonomics is sweet. Put a sling and flashlight on it, total gun system < $450. You can't beat that for a .45 cal hammer. Be smart and not a snob... Home intruders are going to be very disrupted!
By Kyle from Paris, Tx
Pistol Cal Carbines, good choice for home defense, July 03, 2014
I've owned an old model HP 995 9mm carbine since 07 (no last round hold open) and it is a great weapon. Took delivery of the 40sw carbine in Dec of 2013 and currently have the 45acp carbine on order with impact. There is something to be said for a rifle carbine that is chambered in a common pistol caliber whether the 9mm, 40sw or 45acp. I prefer it over a shotgun which could be pretty messy. Not as much worry about over penetration such as with a full powered 308 rifle like my SFA M1A. Easier to use and point than many handguns. It has a velocity and range advantage over any handgun with the 17.5 inch barrel compared to my XD40's 4" inch barrel. They are reliable, feed well and low cost. I could throw one of these in the trunk of my car and if the car was stolen I would not be as heartbroken as I would be if it was a much more expensive AR15. Its maybe not the most aesthetically pleasing arm around but hey sometimes the best woman to go with isn't always the most beautiful if you know what I mean. I wish the mag capacity were a little higher but its not too big a deal with extra mag's on hand. All in all, a good value, a good deal and I would not hesitate to pick one up in defense. The personal defense rounds that are available on the market such as Barnes Tac Xpd's with such fearsomely gaping hollow points means you are going to have an awesome man stopper with one of these. Finally, if you get it and totally hate it, just pawn it off, you wont be out so much money as if you plopped down for a $1000 gun.
By Erickkson from TX
Sniper approved!!, March 29, 2014
Great weapon, great add on parts and will use anything picatiny capable just added a muzzle break " like it needs it" it's a little louder but very little recoil, with the price and the toys it's very accurate at 75the to 100the yards. I would not trade it for anything and I own many expensive weapons!!
By Rooster from Oregon
greatest purchase ever, November 30, 2012
i have purchased several hand guns but for the price this is the finest weapon i have ever purchased and had the pleasure of shooting i am a Hi-Point customer forever my next purchase will be the Carbine.
By eddie from Fairfield, OH.
Great gun, Great price, November 21, 2012
I purchased my Hi-Point 45ACP Carbine about a year ago. Went directly from the gun show to the range to sight in. It shot about 3" high and 3" right but it was a less then 2" group @ 25yds. Got it zeroed with a few clicks of the rear sight. Have since added a red dot and can break "clays" all day long at 50yds. I decided to fire it at a LEO "Q" target @ 100yds it was dead center but about 3" low. It digests any ammo without any failure to feed, fire or eject. I've fired at least 1500 rounds. I absolutely love my "ugly baby". The only problem I've had was a bent firing pin. I called Hi-Point and within 5 days I had new firing pin and springs. No hassles. At $327 it's a great bargain.
By Large Sarge from Hampton, VA
Hi Point is great!!, April 08, 2012
You can't beat the performance. This gun is solid, shoots great and the price is right on! Many people talk a lot of garbage about Hi Point, but that's because they don't take the time to find out how good they are. Buy one... you will not be disappointed!
By JD from Alaska
Works for me!, March 17, 2012
As far as I am concerned this weapon rates 5 stars. I bought one about 6 months ago and have fired over 600 rounds with out any FTF or FTE. I am NOT a gun expert or even close. I last fired a rifle in 1968 (M16). With the red dot laser I can consistently put 10 out 10 in the black from the hip at 25yds - A lot further than I would expect in a self defense situation and it went bang every time. Isn't that what its function is? What else can be purchased for this price with this firepower? I'm open to learn.
By Neil G from Cape Coral, FL
Great carbine, March 12, 2012
I was skeptical about this carbine in regards to the price being cheap, thought the gun would be too. Was I ever so wrong! This gun ranks with the top guns I have shot and I have shot a lot being in the military. The accessories from Hi Point are great and cheap on the wallet. I have completed this carbine with the dual mag holder on the rear butt stock with two extra mags, a light, tripod and forward grip. I would have rather carried this in Iraq than my M16. There is one small flaw with the iron sights, at 50 yards it hits 1 inch below target and there is no more adjustment. I plan on putting new tactical sights anyways so I just use Kentucky Windage for now. I plan on purchasing the 45 handgun since the mags are interchangeable. Awesome job Hi Point and thanks for being made with pride here in the USA.
By NavyX from Salt Lake City
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