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Hi-Point 40SW Pistol w/ Laser, 10RD

Hi-Point 40SW Pistol w/ Laser, 10RD

Hi-Point 40SW Pistol w/ Laser, 10RD

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Reviewed by 3 customer  
Hi point, September 19, 2013
These guns defiantly have a great price. To be honest they shoot very good cycle well and are accurate! The only knock and I mean only is that they are big and heavy. But don't listen to what others tell u go and buy one!
By Brave from Texas
nice for the price, September 27, 2012
Bought this for my wife for plinking. It has functioned flawlessly and has quite good paterns on paper at the 15 to 20 yd range we shoot at. She is having a ball with it, and the few times I have shot it it performed better then I expected. We have had it for about a year and have not had a failure to feed or any other problem, and with the full warenty I rest assured if their were a problem I can send it in and get it corrected. We also have the 9mm carbine and for just plain fun it cann't be beat. Ugly as sin but reliable and much more accurate then expected. I have four friends that have purchased these guns after shooting mine and all are satisfied.
By Larry from Minnesota
Great if you want to get a gun fast., November 25, 2010
This is a firearm for the price of a high end airsoft pistol. Don't expect much better performance. However, if you don't have the budget for a reliable handgun, I guess some gun is better than no gun at all, but I wouldn't trust this gun with my life, and that's a problem.
By Shooter Bro from
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