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Glock G27 Standard 40 S&W 3.46" 9+1 FS Poly Grip/Frame Black

Glock G27 Standard 40 S&W 3.46" 9+1 FS Poly Grip/Frame Black

Glock G27 Standard 40 S&W 3.46" 9+1 FS Poly Grip/Frame Black

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Reviewed by 10 customer  
Best handgun!, March 20, 2013
This could be a great choice of a duty weapon even off duty weapon (preferably an off duty). This is also a great home and wife defense weapon. The G27 may come across as very small yet this .40 packs a punch and is VERY accurate, even up to a 100 yards if you know how to shoot it right! The ONLY down side on a personal note, not related to the gun it'self but the ammunition is very hard to come by in many states, especially CA. Highly recommended weapon of choice and conceal carry, lets just say Glock in general is one of THE best handguns!
By nighthawk from CA
Awsome, September 05, 2012
Simply awsome hardly no recoil or i can feel it glocks never jam very good size for ccw .
By joey from usa
US Marine with a great CCW, March 30, 2012
I have waited a while after leaving the Marines to purchase a personal firearm (7 years). I bought it today, fired 150 rounds through it on the range....NO problems. No misfires, no jams. My wife even fired 9 rounds through it, was her first time shooting, and she had a nice tight group. Yes, it is that accurate, and at 25 yards. I'm 6'3, 225lbs. Bigger hands; Recoil was minimal. I loved shooting it. First Glock, more to come!
By 502ms from Atlanta, GA
Perfection, June 18, 2011
This is hands down my favorite gun. It is accurate powerful, small and light in one word perfect. The gun fits like a glove in the hand and no you don't need no stupid extender for it or your pinky. I bought one and through it away after a few magazine rounds,it just was not needed. You will need to have a good grip on the gun to shoot it or it will almost always jam. It is very unforgiving of limp wristing I really had to practice and build up my streghth after buying this gun but now I have no problems cept when doing weak hand drills.I still limp it and then the gun will jam almost every time. It really needs the resistance to load correctly. Some say the punch is painful. I have not found this to be the case. I have shot a couple IDPA matches and shot up to 300 rounds at one time practicing on the range with no trouble at all. This is a small and powerful gun. It will take some people practice and or stregthing to use it and use it well. This is true with any small gun but as you up the power they become more and more unforgiving. This is any gun by any brand. Some may favor the 26 in 9mm as it will be easier to use, but for me, I just love this gun! I have yet to see anything I would prefur over it at any price by any brand. If I would add one thing to this, it would be a rail for a light otherwise it is as Glock calls it perfection!
By B. A. Robinson from Kellogg, Idaho
Glock Perfection!, May 10, 2011
This Pistol is an amazing tool. I can't speak to its strong points enough, the stock Glock 27 has a great in hand size, it's light, free of horns for easy holstering and drawing, great recoil management and can be made even better with a Steel Guide Rod from As far as out of the box reliability, IMO second to none. This gun performs to a "T" if you treat it right it will reward you with excellent groups. I also own the S&W M&P40c the Glock 27 equivalent and it is a superb weapon as well.
By Ace88 from Pueblo, CO
Great gun, December 30, 2010
Ive had this gun for four years. Its extremely accurate. I especially like the ability to interchange full size mags from the g22.
By Brad from Oklahoma
Any time any place, November 29, 2010
I have carried the Glock 26 and 27 for over a decade. I currently carry the Glock 27 with night sights. It conceals very well, it is incredibly reliable and quite accurate for such a short sight radius. Having owned several Glocks, I can say that they are the go to pistol for any time and any place and any conditions. Once one gets accustomed to the trigger, he or she can shoot this gun very fast and accurately. Nothing else comes close to the utter reliability under any conditions.
By Craig S. Andersen from Portland metro area
Lil of this, lil of that. . ., November 22, 2010
I must admit, this is a very ACCURATE piece of equipment. Consistent with most of Glock products. I tried it out at the range a few days ago. My experience was a bit mixed. My shots were very accurate from over 75m, but the weapon was difficult to handle before and after each shot. As it packs a good punch with all 40 of it's calibers, great for defense and concealed carry. But, I was discouraged to shoot another round because of the ache in my hand. The grips was a bit too short/small for the recoil and power of the weapon. My hands aren't very big, but clearly too big for the Glock 27's grips. Needless to say, it was painful, but the one shot I was willing to get off would probably be more painful for whoever I might be shooting at, because it's not likely that I'd miss.
By Brian from Warner Robins, GA
The perfect concealed carry gun, November 15, 2010
If you are looking for a handgun with great concealment, power and reliability, the Glock 27 is for you. It is great for concealed carry and fits in all sizes of hands. The power of .40SW and 9+1 capacity covers any self defense encounter you may run into. The polymer frame is extremely light and will last lifetimes.
By Jeff from Virginia Beach, VA
Small frame, big bang., November 15, 2010
This is a great concealed carry weapon. Not for the size, the .380 LCP is far more comfortable but has obviously less stopping power than the 40SW. I own both but tend to carry each seasonally depending on clothing. The Glock 27 has quite the kick and muzzle flash but I've never had a misfire or malfunction of any kind, right out of the box. It has typical Glock good reliability and I highly recommend it!
By Eric from Boise, ID USA
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