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Glock G27 Gen3 40SW Flat Dark Earth Frame, 2 9 Rnd Mags

Glock G27 Gen3 40SW Flat Dark Earth Frame, 2 9 Rnd Mags

Glock G27 Gen3 40SW Flat Dark Earth Frame, 2 9 Rnd Mags

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Glock Perfection. The GLOCK 27 is ideal for home defense, concealed carry, duty or as a hunting sidearm. The Glock 27 is a sub- compact, 9- shot capacity, .40S/W, polymer frame, double action only handgun. It uses a locked breech design in what is called a "Safe Action". The pistol does not have a hammer. Rather, the Glock 27 uses a spring-loaded striker that is partially retracted when a round is chambered. Pressing the trigger fully retracts and releases the striker, allowing the handgun to fire.
The GLOCK 27 "Safe Action" system has revolutionized the handgun industry and has been widely adopted by law enforcement and other official users as well as commercial and countless others due to its simple, fast, safe and reliable design. The main advantage of the GLOCK 27 "Safe Action" system is that is has no external safeties. Because of this, the user can concentrate on a stress situation, eliminating the need to think about any safeties to be deactivated. The Safe Action trigger system offers you several very distinct benefits over conventional trigger systems. It makes training much easier because each and every shot feels exactly the same. The combination of the trigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safety make the GLOCK 27 safe when dropped.

GLOCKs have about 50% fewer components than conventional handguns of these calibers. No screws. So there are fewer parts to break. And you can break down and reassemble any GLOCK pistol within a matter of seconds. The GLOCK 27 frame is made out of a synthetic that is actually stronger than steel, yet 86% lighter. It's virtually indestructible. A GLOCK pistol can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 F to +158 F and still come out firing. The metal components on a GLOCK are practically indestructable. That's because they're finished with a unique surface treatment called Tenifer that makes those parts virtually as hard as a diamond. It is even more corrosion resistant than stainless steel.

All GLOCK handguns are designed with a grip angle that's so comfortable & natural that it complements the shooter's hand. This ergonomic design features a superb bore axis and weight distribution to ensure a controlled shot, even under the most adverse conditions. Plus, the special polymer frame, of which the grip is an integral part, results in a much softer recoil than that of conventional guns, which only adds to your control. The unique GLOCK barrel features hammer-forged rifling for increased velocity and even greater accuracy..


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