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Glock G26 9mm 3.46" 10+1 Fixed Sights Poly Grip/Frame Black

Glock G26 9mm 3.46" 10+1 Fixed Sights Poly Grip/Frame Black

Glock G26  9mm 3.46" 10+1 Fixed Sights Poly Grip/Frame Black

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Reviewed by 14 customer  
GREAT!, September 22, 2013
For a concealed carry gun, this is exactly what you need. It took a little getting used to having my pinky off the grip but if it bothers you that much, you can easily buy an extended grip and attach it to the magazine. But then again, if that's the case you may want to look into getting the glock 19 which is a little bigger but still great for carry. I have never had any Glock malfunction on me to this date. The worst thing that happened was that the slide didn't lock back when the mag was empty with some cheap reloads. If I was going to bet my life on a gun, I would bet it on Glock
By pintoford55 from Orange County, CA
It's a GLOCK, July 03, 2013
No edges, Straight shooter, Reliable... any questions?
By Paul from Florida
Great Little Monster, April 13, 2013
This Glock 26 Gen4 can be a pretty great conceal carry for any type of person. either a newly introduced into firearms or an expert in small carry weapons. great gun will never jam, never misfire. Overall GREAT LITTLE GUN Firearms Instructor CBP
By chris from El Paso TX
Glock 26 .... Perfect Carry Weapon, January 17, 2013
I owned a first Gen Glock 26 when I was on the job. Retired now and purchased the "new" glock 26 Gen 4. It is the same only improved and very easy to carry, maintain and secure.....
By MPLew from Montague, NJ
the perfect 9mm for me, May 27, 2012
have been carrying this 9mm as my CCW for the past 10 years and it is the perfect 9 for concealment and stopping power. using the power ball ammo and after over 5000 + rounds HAVE NEVER HAD A misfire, jam or any malfunction. love it with the 15 round clip with the extension grips. also have 30 round mag and fire that off in 10 to 13 seconds and this baby glock just keeps on ticking. getting another one for the wife as she just got her ccw.
By joe k from las vegas, nv
Excellent, December 05, 2011
Reliable, concealable, easy to shoot!
By Derek from Washington State
Great gun!, December 21, 2010
The Glock 26 is my CCW weapon of choice. Compact, accurate, reliable, and with +P rounds it packs a punch! Pros: eats almost any ammo you feed it(jacketed only because of the hexagonal barrel). Easily concealable and reliable. Cons: small hand grip is sometimes hard to manage. I have large hands and find that the pistol wields best with the pearce grip extension, NOT the +1 grip extension. It also handles fine with the flush fitting magazine as I place my pinky finger beneath the magazine base for support. The 15 or 17 rd mag with the slip-on grip extension makes the pistol absolutely perfect. (I recommended installing an extended magazine release with the edges sanded down if you carry this pistol and the extended slide release, both allow the pistol to function more reliably)
By ShweetboX from CA, unfortunately.
Accurate, affordable, concealable, and deadly, December 16, 2010
I've carried the Glock 26 for going on a year now as my only concealed carry gun. For me, it's the right blend of accuracy, affordability, conceal-ability, and deadliness. Let's skip the debate on what round is more powerful, and just agree that we'd never want to get hit with a HP 9MM. Agreed? Good. Lets call it plenty deadly then. I like to shoot as often as possible, but ammo is expensive. Thankfully, 9mm is pretty much the most affordable and available handgun round there is. That makes this a very affordable gun to shoot. The initial cost is pretty average too. Yes, there are smaller, thinner, lighter 9mm guns on the market that would be easier to conceal. However, I don't trust them like I trust my Glock. It works in the mountains, the desert, the rain, the snow - where ever you need it to, it survives and performs. It's never had a malfunction of any kind, no matter how dirty it's gotten, and I don't expect it to. The bulk of this gun compared to some of the real small ones is still pretty minimal, so I'm very happy with how it conceals. I've learned to be fairly accurate with it, and I'm getting better. Glock's are tough enough to survive dry-fire training, and I've been doing lots of that to improve my trigger control. In all, this is my top-pick for concealed carry, and I would buy it over again in a heart-beat.
By TheLateBoyScout from Utah
The best there is, November 16, 2010
The genius of Gaston Glock -- shoots first, last, always. Any type of ammo, conditions, whatever. My Glock 26 is absolutely my favorite 9mm.
By Mark from Apalachicola, FL
It Eats Anything!, November 15, 2010
This is an AWESOME concealed carry gun! It will eat ANY ammo and is very reliable. It's the only Glock 9mm pistol that will take ANY Glock 9mm magazine which is very handy if you own other 9mm Glocks.
By patriotdesign from Kingman, AZ
Glock 26 - Concealed carry beauty!, November 15, 2010
Great weapon for conceal carry. Grip is best for smaller hand with extended magazine. Easy to clean and accurate for short barrel.
By Richard from Geneva, IL
never leave home without it!, November 13, 2010
my favorite pistol is my glock g26 9MM its size is perfect for concealment is very accurate, and as dependable as they come, I would recommend it to anyone. I also have a crimson trace laser grip installed on it and laser comes factory sighted and is dead on accurate, makes a great addition!
By Josh from Charlotte N.C.
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