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GG&G Tactical Impact Device TID For E2

GG&G Tactical Impact Device TID For E2

GG&G Tactical Impact Device TID For E2

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ITEM #: GGG-1126
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Flashlights are no longer an option. There is no more important accessory for an armed professional. They must be powerful, very powerful. Surefire has come to dominate the field of handheld combat flashlights. More police tactical teams and military special operations units use Surefire flashlights than any other make. As a consequence of their overwhelming popularity, we have designed an incredibly unique and innovative alternative force tool designed for use in conjunction with a substantial variety of Surefire models.

Originally conceived by personal protection specialist and GG&G Technical Advisor Lance Harris, the Tactical Impact Device (TID) fits easily on the bezel of the flashlight and is secured from removal by four small socket head screws. Manufactured from 4140 billet steel, or 6061- T6 aluminum depending on the model, the GG&G TID adds sufficient heft to the front end of the flashlight to accelerate the forward momentum during the thrust stroke. The steel models have a matte black manganese phosphate finish with the aluminum models being Type III hard-coat anodized. All models provide an aggressive striking surface around the entire bezel to provide an extremely effective, alternative to lethal force. As Lance Harris so aptly said in ant interview; "The GG&G TID was developed to de-fang an opponent through the use of trapping and pressure-point-compliance techniques. There is no other alternative force tool available that offers the concealability, and versatility of the TID."

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