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GG&G D&D Forearm Tactical Flashlight Mount

GG&G D&D Forearm Tactical Flashlight Mount

GG&G D&D Forearm Tactical Flashlight Mount

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ITEM #: GGG-1008
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Not every agency, or individual for that matter, can afford or justify the more than four-hundred-dollar Surefire Millenium 500 Weapon Light Hand Guard System on an AR15/M16 series weapon system. However, no accessory you can add to the AR15/M16 is more important than a flashlight specifically designed for use with fighting firearms.

The GG&G D&D flashlight mount provides a quick, inexpensive and rugged method of mounting a tactical flashlight onto the lower handguard using simple hand tools. The D&D will accept either the popular Surefire 6P or Gladius flashlights as well as any other fine one inch tactical flashlight. Once the D&D and flashlight are properly in place, the knuckle of the support hand's index finger is used to momentarily activate the flashlight. If the constant-on function is required, the operator can rotate the Surefire 6P's tail cap or push with greater force against the rear end of the Gladius to engage its constant-on function. Most other one inch flashlights with tail caps operate in the same manner.

Common sense is required in the tactical application of flashlights. They should be turned on only long enough to identify a potential target -- fire, if required -- then turn the light off and move. In the presence of potential danger, these devices should never be used as searchlights to visually clear an area. They will only serve to compromise the mission and draw fire if used indiscriminately.

GG&G's D&D flashlight mount is manufactured from solid 6061 T6 billet aluminum alloy and is Type III hard-coat anodized per mil-spec in a matte black combat finish. Weighing in at only 2.5 ounces this mount will not adversely affect the balance of your weapon system.

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