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GGG Battle Hawk Tomahawk, Tan

GGG Battle Hawk Tomahawk, Tan

GGG Battle Hawk Tomahawk, Tan

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The GG&G BATTLE HAWK Tactical Tomahawk is an extreme use combat tool. In fact the original plant manufacturing designation code was CUT (COMBAT UTILITY TOOL) As can be seen by the overall geometry and aggressive multiple cutting edge head design, it is meant for aggressive use, very aggressive use. In addition to the head, the 3 inch Tanto shaped spike will definitely get the job done. The double contour of the handle along with the fine weave G10KG Micarta scales, provide a positive and solid long and short grip for the user.

We chose Crucible S7 tool steel for the BATTLE HAWK because its shock resistant, high impact resistant and withstands chipping and breaking. The material is heat treated and hardened to Rc 56-58. It is meant to hold up to tough treatment. Although S7 is corrosion resistant we powder coat the BATTLE HAWK in four colors: Matte Black, Matte OD Green, Matte Desert Tan, and Matte Combat Gray.The Kydex sheath with Tek-Loc fastener is included and is only offered in black.

Special Added Bonus: The 38 minute training DVD created by the professionals at The Warrior School is now included at no extra charge with your purchase of the Battle Hawk. This dynamic DVD includes straight forward combative techniques as well as crisis field demonstrations specific to the Battle Hawk including vehicle extractions and breaking through a cinder block wall. Close quarter combat experts Jeffrey Prather and Darin Ashley lead you step-by-step through over 80 lethal and non-lethal combat techniques with your Battle Hawk including fighting techniques against knife and bayonet attacks as well as sentry interdiction.

Blade Material:Crucible S7
Material Thickness:.400
Hardness: Rc 56-58
Overall Length:13.25
Handle Length:10.5"
Head Length:8.25"
Spike Length: 2.CC"
Overall Weight:44 ounces
Scales:3/16" thick G10KG Micarta
Finish:powder coat
Sheath:Kydex with Tek-Loc fastener

Since it's release in January 2007, the Battle Hawk has been one of the best received retail products we have ever designed and manufactured. Along with that distinction comes a myriad of questions from our customers. We thought it might be helpful to share more information with you about the development and manufacturing process of this teriffic tomahawk. If you have an opportunity please feel free to pass this information on. It took close to two months for the GG&G design team to come up with the basic design of the Battle Hawk Tactical Tomahawk . Once that was accomplished the team had to select the material for the body. The team "short listed" four different types of steel. They were looking for a steel that was shock resistant and could withstand the stresses encountered in high impacts. It needed to be corrosion resistant yet wear well and be extremely resistant to chipping and breaking, especialy after being heat treated to a range of 56-58 rockwell. The design team did not want to take the risks associated with a handle made from poly carbonate whatever or wood, but instead wanted the head and handle to be one solid piece of steel that would not flex or be damaged when used to pentrate aircraft skin, helicopter skin, kevlar or 55 gallon drums. It is important to note that in the process of material selection, price was not to be considered a factor.

The teams first responsibility was to select the "right" material for the specified use and overall design characteristics of the Battle Hawk. After careful review and testing, S7 tool steel was selected. S7 tool steel is a very expensive material but fits the teams criteria well. As a side note, we purchase the material in 36"X70"X.400 sheets, and in quantities that reflect the economy of size, but it is still expensive. The second major component, the scale material, was less complicated to select. The team knew that a G10 scale material was at the top of their list. It has low moisture absorption charecteristics, is extremely durable and is resistsnt to most chemicals and solvents. Standard G10 is a loosely woven fiberglass product that is impregnated with an epoxy resin.

The team felt that to insure a very positive hand grip on the Battle Hawk, G10KG was a better choice than standard G10. The weave of the G10KG is much tighter and has a denser pattern than standard G10. It is a bit more durable, provides a better grip surface, and will withstand both dry and humid conditions. It is an excellent scale material. As you can see the Battle Hawk is made up of two basic components, S7 steel and G10KG scales. Alright, for those really counting there are four basic components if you add the Sherwin Williams powder coating and cap screws used to install the scales. But even with two major components and two minor ones, but not many realize it takes eight times that number of operations to manufacture one. That's right! There are thirty two distinct operations in the manufacture of this tactical tool, with all but three of them being completed at our facility in Tucson Arizona.

From laser cutting the raw shape from the large sheets of S7 steel to the final sharpening and final inspection, the Battle Hawk goes through thirty two operations and is handled by at least six different skilled technicians along the way---and that doesn't include the numerous operations necessary to hand form and assemble the Kydex sheath included with each Battle Hawk.

It takes many hours and an unwavering commitment to quality from our skilled staff to produce a Battle Hawk, but each Battle Hawk is capable of saving a life and lasting a lifetime. We think it is worth the effort.

This Item Is No Longer Available.
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