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Gemtech Trinity Suppressor, 3 Lug

Gemtech Trinity Suppressor, 3 Lug

Gemtech Trinity Suppressor, 3 Lug

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The Trinity system is a further enhancement of the proven Vortex-9 suppressor. Similar in performance and appearance to the Vortex-9, the Trinity features a series of user changeable rear mounts to enhance the versatility of the suppressor. Additionally, in the re-design process, the overall length of the suppressor was shortened by 1/2 inch without degrading performance. The Trinity is the most compact and lightweight dry sound suppressor available for the 9mm semi-auto pistol. It is designed to achieve full suppression potential absolutely dry without resorting to the use of performance boosters such as oil, water, grease, or other artificial environment technologies.

The Trinity suppressor can be ordered with a variety of mounting systems:

1. A standard 1/2x28 mount (for the Beretta M9 and other similar weapons),
2. Gemtech’s L.I.D. (Linear Inertial Decoupler, patent pending) to permit cycling on most all handguns other than the M9, such as the 9mm Glock pistols. $149 addtl cost per unit.
3. 3-lug patented quick-detach (Tri-Lock) mount for the HK MP5 and similarly configured barrels, or
4. Trinity-Talon configuration as part of an integrally suppressed upper receiver for the Colt 635 9mm submachine gun
TRINITY THREAD MOUNT and L.I.D.: With the standard threaded mount, The Trinity cycles the M9 and SIG 226 pistols. It can be ordered with Gemtech’s L.I.D. (Linear Inertial Decoupler), patent pending) which is a recoil device that allows functioning on smaller Browning design pistols. The L.I.D. replaces the rear endcap and threads to the barrel in a conventional manner with a stainless steel interface. Because of enhanced weapon cycling, there is a slight increase in ejection port noise when using the L.I.D.

TRINITY 3-LUG: The TRINITY-3-LUG suppressor is a member of the Trinity System and represents a new design, ultra-compact, lightweight alternative to the proven Raptor suppressor. Measuring only 1-1/4 inch diameter and 7-1/2 inch total overall length, the performance is comparable to other suppressors in the Trinity Series. It is designed to be used dry and to achieve full suppression potential without resorting to the use of performance boosters such as oil, water, grease, or other artificial environment technologies. The TRINITY-3-LUG used the patented (5,559,302) Gemtech 3-lug mounting system for the H&K MP5 barrel as well as for barrels Gemtech can modify to the 3-lug configuration, such as the UZI, Colt 9mm AR15, etc.

TRINITY TALON: The TRINITY-TALON is an integrally suppressed upper receiver for the Colt 635 9mm M16 submachine gun and replaces the original Talon-SD. This improved version satisfies customer requests for an integrated rail-type handguard suitable for mounting a wide variety of accessories. It quickly replaces the upper receiver of the Colt 635 9mm M16 to provide ultimate suppressed performance coupled with extreme compactness for critical tactical situations. Unlike dated designs like the MP5-SD, the five inch non-ported barrel delivers full terminal ballistics expected from the 9mm cartridge utilizing the popular 147 grain projectiles. Built on a correct flat-top 9mm upper receiver, The TRINITY-TALON permits use of optical sights for precision shooting, including the ever popular red-dot type sights and night vision optical devices.

The TRINITY-TALON is designed for field stripping for cleaning without the use of tools. Additionally, field-stripping and reassembly does not affect the point of impact or necessitate re-sighting the weapon prior to use. The TRINITY-TALON utilizes the bolt from the customer’s Colt 635 9mm submachine gun. Because of the short barrel and overall length,the TRINITY- TALON cannot be legally used on a semi-auto weapon that is not registered as a short-barreled rifle.

Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum alloys, this unit does not utilize any bore obstructing "wipes" or mesh. The advanced baffle design creates remarkable performance absolutely dry. This device is an exceptionally effective tool for tactical users. A small amount of light oil is suggested for use in explosive atmospheres. All maintenance requirements can be performed without disassembly of the suppressor module. The instruction manual details the necessary maintenance on the L.I.D. mount as well as the Tri-Lock mount for 3-lug barrels.

The Trinity suppressor replaces the Vortex-9 suppressor. Other Trinity configurations are under development.
Physical Specifications:

Caliber 9mm
Overall Length 6.5 inch (168 mm)
Diameter 1.25 inch (31 mm)
Weight 5.6 ounces (160 gm
) Construction Materials Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Standard Finish Matte Black Anodize
No Longer Available
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