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FN FS2000 Tactical Semi-auto Rifle, 223, 30 RD, Green

FN FS2000 Tactical Semi-auto Rifle, 223, 30 RD, Green

FN FS2000 Tactical Semi-auto Rifle, 223, 30 RD, Green

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ITEM #: 818513002899
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Reviewed by 4 customer  
FN FS2000, May 08, 2012
I have a MSAR that I like alot, but I love my FS2000. It's compact, comforable to shoot, and very dependable. With an ACOG on it, it can't be beat.
By frank from virginia
Wish it came bigger..., November 25, 2010
I absolutely love this weapons platform. It's really short overall, tucks right into the shoulder, and barely jerks at all when you pull the trigger. Not a fan of it's stock optics, but it's a wonderful gun. I would never consider getting a non-bullpup rifle. The forward ejection port is a niiice feature as well. It can hold 5 casings inside of the gun before forcibly ejecting them should you choose to close the ejection door. Very light, very efficient. Very long barrel due to the way bullpups work. I definitely love the OD two tone on this one as well. I just wish FN would build this in 7.62/.308 . I found the caliber severely lacking in organ (brain) destruction while putting down some livestock, and I've never liked the caliber since. Bigger is better, and right now the only bullpup rifle I like in 7.62 is the MSAR STG e4... which also come in od two-tone. If you like .223, it's a great gun.
By Shadrach from Washington
Not worth it., November 15, 2010
If there is any futuristic looking rifle on the market today. One of them would be the FN FS2000. This rifle looks to be right at home in the hands of a HALO soldier. The design of the rifle gets an "A". How the rifle is actually built - how many plastic parts instead of metal parts are used - I don't know. I do know that it is overpriced. The FN business philosophy of gouging the ordinary citizen does not reflect well on the company. Is it overpriced on purpose ? Maybe. That would be a great way to keep it out of the purchasing price range of most citizens. Also, if FN has a military contract, they could care less about civilian sales. Make no mistake, how a gun company treats those that may or may not be customers. Says something about the company itself. Would I buy this rifle. Maybe. I wish that I could afford it. But hey, I could afford it if the FN company was'nt working against me by pricing it way out of most peoples price range. After all, they are'nt building Ferrari's. But maybe they think that they are - lol.
By Ace from Salt Lake City
Great Bullpup, November 15, 2010
I have owned an FNH FS2000 for a while. I thorouhly enjoy shooting this gun. If you reload, this gun is very easy to collect your brass as it funnels spent brass through the front. It takes AR15 mags, (not all polymer ones). The recoil is minimal. For QCB purpose, the bullpup design is outstanding. However, the trigger is very different than an AR15 or Sig 516 (556). I would love to own another one.
By M Cain from Utah
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