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FN FNX-9, 9mm, DA/SA, Black, 17RD Mag

FN FNX-9, 9mm, DA/SA, Black, 17RD Mag

FN FNX-9, 9mm, DA/SA, Black, 17RD Mag

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Reviewed by 2 customer  
Good Sidearm, September 14, 2014
By and large this is an excellent choice for a full-size sidearm that won't break the bank. The aggressive look, comfortable grip, overall weight, and trigger weight are all excellent. This thing is a doll on the range, and after the initial "getting to know you" period I've found it to be quite accurate. It's a little on the light side for off-hand shooting but that's subjective and your mileage may vary. The mag springs are quite a bit stiffer out of the box than I'm used to, but each spring relaxed a bit after a few hundred rounds and now they're comfortable for me (the wife still doesn't like loading the last 2-3 rounds.) I've got several thousand rounds through this bad boy and it has become my EDC, the dings and wear only add to its character and aside from an occasional rattle in the magazine which is fixed by re-seating the magazine (Note: this rattle has NOT resulted in feeding issues, it's just annoying to listen to the mag rattle when you're walking.) As the previous review stated, this weapon does not tolerate limp-wristed shooting of any kind. My wife, who is an excellent square-range shooter does not manage the FNX well at all. This is the only pistol she has ever struggled with but she can usually only get a full mag down range before she starts to tire and ends up FTF/FTE every second or third round after that. Mind you, this is a problem with the shooter NOT the firearm, but it's something to bear in mind when shopping for a weapon that will be used by multiple people. I think this is largely due to the weight and the grip being a little wide/deep for her hands even with the shorter back strap installed. On the back strap note; I have slightly larger than average hands. and can comfortably use both back strap sizes. However the placement, size, and toggle direction of the safety lever is my only substantial gripe. I have a very high-and-tight grip when it comes to pistol shooting and when using the smaller back strap I have, on occasion, toggled the safety "ON" mid-magazine. This is an issue that makes me very worried about accidentally toggling the safety on if I have to deploy the weapon in self defense. Safe to assume that if I bump the toggle on the range, I am likely to do it under duress... I haven't yet found an aftermarket safe/decock lever, but I suspect a shorter/smaller lever would remedy this problem.
By Matt M. from Wake Co, NC
FNX-9, August 01, 2014
I bought this pistol back in April and have put about 2500 rounds of ammo through it with no problems besides when my girlfriend will limp wrist the gun. The gun will shoot just about every brand of ammo but I've found that it does exceptionally well with federal premium or American eagle 115 gr or 124 gr. it is a great gun all around either for home defense, competition, plinking, or even CCW use it is very accurate when using good quality ammo I chose this pistol over the Glock 19 and the Sig Sauer SP2022 for the reason that it has a manual safety which I find brings a added level of safety with new shooters or when carrying. my only complaints are that more craftsmanship could have gone into the gun for the price that it is listed at and that parts are hard to get a hold of but pros its a great reliable firearm with an amazing trigger for the price and it is incredibly simple to field strip and maintain I absolutely love this pistol and intend on keeping it my collection for many years to come.
By Jordan from USA
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