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FN FNS-40 Black, Night Sights, 14 Round Mag

FN FNS-40 Black, Night Sights, 14 Round Mag

FN FNS-40 Black, Night Sights, 14 Round Mag

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Reviewed by 7 customer  
Excellent 40, October 22, 2015
I've had my weapon for 5 months now and put over 600 rounds through it. Very accurate--I stopped shooting at 7-10 yards and mostly shoot at 25 yards now on the range to really test my grip, pull and aim. Smooth light trigger, resets nicely. Mild recoil even with hot loads, and very ergonomic grip angles. Love the night sites, I can open the gun safe in the dark and these things are bright. The gun hasn't failed to feed any ammunition. I generally shoot Blazer Brass and Winchester FMJ loads for practice in 180 and 165 (can't really tell a difference). I've also put about 25 rounds each of Hornady Critical Duty, Speer Gold Dot, Federal Premium HST through it to see if I could tell a difference--nope. Feeds them all, accuracy seems the same. My only complaint is the grip stippling is very aggressive, and isn't as comfortable as say the new XD grip zones pistols. But I like the trigger, feel, and shooting accuracy of this weapon. I researched and tested the XD, Glock and M&P 40's and chose the FNS as my personal favorite.
By Squeaky83 from VA
my fns 40, July 27, 2015
i simply love this gun, it was given to me by wife as a gift for father's day last year and ever since i got it, i fell in love with it. i love body style, the way it feels when handling it. color is excellent. 14 rounds is just perfect.
By joejoesr from houston
LE Version FNS 40 Midframe, July 07, 2015
Our department obtained FNS 40 mid-frames about a year ago. Since getting the guns they've had severe malfunction problems. We reported them to FNH and the company blamed it on magazines. New magazines replacements were sent, but the problems continued. A rep came out form Arizona and brought new barrels and changed every gun, but the problems continued. No FNH wants to blame our ammo. During the last qualification 28 weapons were put through a 60 round course of fire. Using 50 rounds of Speer "Gold Dot" hollow point and 10 rounds of Ultra Max full metal jackets 25 guns malfunctioned (video documented). During the test a Glock 22, a H&K 40 cal, a Sig Sauer 40 cal, and a Berreta were put through the same qualification using the same ammunition and none of these weapons malfunctioned. Do not buy this weapon for any reason especially the LE versions. After researching many other agencies have reported severe malfunctions and officer safety issues with the weapon, with the Long slide and the Mid-frame FNS 40's. Customer service reps are trying to cover up and I'm still trying to find out if they have discontinued making the Long Slide version, and GT Distributors won't make any comments and have stopped pushing the line of FNS handguns.
By Dan from Texas
FNH, a world class leader in arms., October 18, 2014
I own a FNH FNS.40 pistol W/ factory Trijicon night sights. I have shot this gun well over 350 times, without issues. Very accurate! Trigger is about 6lbs exactly, and it will get a little lighter once I get past the 1,000 - 1,500 rounds fired mark. These FNS pistols were tested over 400,000 rounds without a single failure! Police units , are dumping glocks left and right for these! Guys and girls, FNH supplies 70% of the entire worlds millitary, and law enforcement with FNH weapons! FNH, owns Winchester, and Browning. They have been here since 1889! And there are the worlds leader in arms. They developed the newest 21ST century millitary weapon, the SCAR 16/ SCAR 17. They developed the P90, the FS2000. The list goes on. FNH is also, one of the few manufacturer that builds there own barrel. So, while your shooting your GLOCK, the barrel was proubly built by FNH for Glock. GLOCK DOES NOT BUILD THERE OWN BARRELS. We fo not know who builds the Glock barrel. But, I can tell you my FNH barrel is a stainless steel Cold Hammer Forged, and it must pass a strict shot group placement before leaving the plant. That makes me feel confident alone, in buying a FNH FNS-40. Enough with the history lesson! Go get your self a FNH! Good luck, I love mine as a EDC, and primary side arm.
By tps3443 from Raleigh NC
Probably my favorite!, September 29, 2013
This gun was acurate straight out of the box. I don't get to shoot very often, but I always pull this one out first and I hit the target first shot every time. The night sites are sweet and this gun has never jammed or failed to fire. I love this gun! I just wish FNH would make the same gun in a sub-compact.
By Brando from Ogden, UT
The FNS40 is perfect the way it is!, May 26, 2013
I found this weapon an excellent addition to my lineup of pistols. Reading the other review, I can only hope this person is joking about lengthening the slide by an inch. Just how does one do this to so many guns and not run over budget for the department? Let alone get the slides to work in the first place after it is done? The trigger needs nothing...It is slick with just enough creep to keep you from shooting before you are completely sure you want to pull the trigger. I certainly wouldn't bother doing all of the things this person claims, to multiple guns. (It would be cost prohibitive). Also there is no way to change the grips on this pistol, it is one piece. You can however change the back strap with the provided two. One flat, and one humped. Great engineering from an old and trusted company.
By Duke from Ohio
great pistol......mover over glock, May 25, 2013
I work for a Police Department in the San Francisco Bay Area and we are dumping our glocks for these. Great pistols. Nice trigger, love the ability to change grips. Highly recommended.
By ROCKSTAR from Bay area
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