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FireStorm 22LR Matte Pistol 10 Rd

FireStorm 22LR Matte Pistol 10 Rd

FireStorm 22LR Matte Pistol 10 Rd

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ITEM #: 091664950343
Reviewed by 3 customer  
Love it, December 09, 2012
Purchased one new 2 years ago. My friend got a Sig Mosquito At the same time. Both fired CCI stingers flawlessly, both preferred Remington, golden bullet, hollow point, bulk pack for cheep ammo. The Firestorm had 1 failure for every 3 the Mosquito had. With every brand of ammo. After around 1000 rounds per gun, the Sig still had 3 failures to my 1 per 525 rd bulk pack. Split evenly, mag for mag. Accuracy was a little better than the Sig Mosquito. It's not a tack driver but fine for backyard plinking. I also have the Firestorm .32acp and would buy both again !
By Kilroy1371 from Indiana
Bersa Firestorm 22, October 01, 2011
The Bersa Firestorm 22 is the first gun I've purchased in decades. Received the gun fairly clean, no heavy grease on it, with a little debris in the barrel. Cleaned the gun out of the box and took it to the range the next day. Loaded the magazine with CCI mini-mag, pulled the trigger, the hammer fell - nothing. Ejected the shell, fired again, nothing happened. The range master took a few tries and the gun started firing after three attempts. He recommended pulling back the hammer and try striking the round again. The Bersa worked almost flawlessly after the misfire with 55 rounds of CCI mini-mags and 100 rounds of Remington Golden Bullet HP. There were a few misfires, but, pulled back the hammer and they fired on the second try. Do not waste money on Federal Premium Gold Medal, put 50 rounds through the gun, every round failed to eject, except a string of three in the last few shots, about a third had to be pried out of the barrel after firing. Held the gun as tightly as possible to allow the force of the round to eject the Federal's, not much help. Had about 8 rounds of Winchester, the first couple jammed, the rest fired without mishap, not enough for a real test. The grip is very comfortable and I really enjoy firing the gun. The gun is far more accurate than I am at 30 feet, the range master proved that. Wouldn't trust the gun for defense due to the misfires. Will shoot it a lot at the range.
By Horatio from Maryland
Fun and easy shooter, May 27, 2011
My main reason for buying the Firestorm 22LR was to save money on practice ammo -- .22 rounds are a lot cheaper than the 9mm and .380 ammo I also shoot. As it turns out, this little pistol has become my favorite range gun. Recoil and muzzle flip are almost nonexistent. Contoured rubber grips make for a very secure and comfortable hold, especially for smaller hands. Shoots accurately. Field stripping is a breeze. Trigger is light and smooooth! I highly recommend this gun for introducing new shooters to semi-auto pistols or to anyone who is adverse to recoil/muzzle flip. Also recommend to anyone who prefers to save their hard-earned cash by practicing more with .22 ammo as opposed to larger calibers. I would have given the FS22 a 5-star rating but for two reasons: 1) As is typical with .22 semi-auto pistols, it is somewhat ammo sensitive. I had a few problems with Remington Golden Bullets in the bulk box and more problems still with Federal ammo in the bulk box. However, CCI Blazer bulk box has fed and fired flawlessly in my gun as have CCI Mini-Mags and CCI Velocitors. I broke the gun in with Mini-Mags and highly recommend you do the same. While not a primary home protection gun, I do keep my Firestorm 22 loaded with CCI Velocitors as a back-up. 2) The rear site loosened up after about 500 rounds to the point where it almost fell of the gun. I have seen this happen to other Firestorm/Bersa pistols. The solution is to apply RED Loctite to the threads.
By Firestorm fan from Utah
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