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ENIDINE AR-15 Recoil Buffer, Collapsible Buttstock AR-Restor

ENIDINE AR-15 Recoil Buffer, Collapsible Buttstock AR-Restor

ENIDINE AR-15 Recoil Buffer, Collapsible Buttstock AR-Restor

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AR-15 Recoil Buffers and 308 Caliber Recoil 
Reduction from Enidine Defense


The AR-15 (M4) assault rifle is the weapon of choice for law enforcement agencies and sportsmen alike. The weapon is known for its versatility, reliability, and economy. Unfortunately, multiple firing modes, ammunition loads, and a wide range of available accessories can aggravate “muzzle rise” and compromise the true performance achievable with this firearm.

The ITT Enidine Inc. AR-restor™ recoil buffers are a hydraulic rate/recoil-reducing buffer offering a direct “drop-in” replacement for existing mechanical buffers. It offers significant benefits utilizing the power of hydraulics to help minimize the effects of “muzzle rise” and produce the maximum performance results from these weapons.

FEATURES/BENEFITS OF AR-15 AR-restor™ Recoil Buffers

 Drop-in Replacement
 Reduce Felt Recoil
 Improve Accuracy
 Control Fire Rate
 Suppress Bolt Bounce
 Protect Optics


Seldom do you find an AR-15 product so simple to install, yet offers the many advantages this buffer delivers. Our Gun Techs tested these units, and were so impressed with the performance, we teamed-up with the weapon experts at Enidine to offer them directly to you. Quite possibly, the AR-RESTOR is the biggest breakthrough in rate-reducing, recoil reduction systems available for the AR-15. Best of all, they install in minutes, without any modifications to your weapon.


Long known for their successful development of recoil absorption devices for the U.S. Military’s M240B, M249, and M2 machine gun, Enidine now produces these easy-to-install, direct replacements for the conventional, inertia mass type buffers currently in production today. Never before has it been this easy and economical to manage recoil and rate of fire in full- or semi-automatic modes of fire, plus improve the overall reliability of your AR-15.

Each steel buffer assembly features a sealed hydraulic cylinder with high-impact striker cap and smooth running, nickel-plated cylinder rod – all of which work in unison with your factory recoil spring to cushion carrier impact, lessen felt recoil, and minimize the overall beating your rifle and optics endure when shooting. But, that’s not all – you get better accuracy and significantly reduced muzzle rise to maintain efficient target acquisition during rapid fire maneuvers. These benefits are amplified with short-barreled carbines. For rate of fire reduction, nothing works better – AR-RESTOR has been tested by the U.S. Army and proven to drop cyclic rates from 900 rounds per minute to 650 – 700! AR-15 Collapsible fits rifles with M4-type collapsible buttstocks.

This Item Is No Longer Available.
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