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EAA Tanfoglio Witness 10MM Steel, Full Size, 4.5" Barrel Wonder Finish 15rd Mag

EAA Tanfoglio Witness 10MM Steel, Full Size, 4.5" Barrel Wonder Finish 15rd Mag

EAA Tanfoglio Witness 10MM Steel, Full Size, 4.5" Barrel Wonder Finish 15rd Mag

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ITEM #: 741566107016
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Reviewed by 7 customer  
Great gun, February 03, 2016
I bought my 10mm used from a guy. The guy only shot 3 mags threw it. I've shot it and feLloyd in love. It's my carry pistol
By Bigmike2504 from Greenville indiana
best 10mm yet, July 05, 2015
feeds reliably, shoots well, easy on recoil, decent sights
By Scooterpup from 15522
Shoot it you'll buy it, April 28, 2015
I bought this pistol and it performs ! Besides this one I have the 6"Hunter , the Witness Match and the Polymer 3 3/4" . I've put a lot of rounds through all but less for the 3 3/4 " without any problems whatsoever and I'll put them up against anything . These are shooters ! All shoot good groups for me and can handle anything you can shove into it . The ammo scare had me buying wherever I could get it , from low power to insane , and some in the middle , all without a hitch with the "Wolfe 22# " spring which all my guns have and use extensively . Helps recoil which isn't bad in the first place and protects the frame . These are a steal .
By Dennis from Colville , Wa .
Most power out of a single clip, bar none., February 05, 2015
This is an awesome piece of destruction. Due to this being the largest round to be double-stacked, you can't deliver more power out of a single clip (including a massive Desert Eagle). This has everything you could possibly want, since Beretta, Sig, or so many other DA/SA don't make a 10mm, yet. If your into the SA Glock fine or a SA 1911, go ahead. If you want 15 rounds and Double Action/Single Action this is just what your looking for. An updated and improved Bren Ten.
By BigTenTex from Dallas, Texas
Heavy Recoil ? - Not !, March 07, 2014
I've now had mine for a couple of months and maybe 300 rds . Both PPU and UMC , both 180gr . Eats it like good candy but low power . Shot 100 Rds Buffalo 155gr.Barnes Tac-XP and again loves it . I loaded up 5rds PPU and followed them with the Buffalo and got ready for a full bore nasty recoil but I couldn't tell when the PPU's stopped and the Buffalo's caught fire . I actually thought I'd grabbed the wrong mag . My neighbor came over and I loaded the mag the same way and he said he felt the recoil difference but very slight . I'm not a big man but this was a delight to shoot . Only complaint are the sites and the mags are a bear to load . Will buy another to replace my truck gun , an SR40 ,also a sweet shooter .
By Deebar from Addy , Wa.
Fantastic Pistol, March 17, 2012
I've owned my Witness 10 mm for a couple years. I have many pistols. This is my favorite. It's tough we'll designed and built. The wonder finish low up keep. Very accurate. Very hard hitter. Recoil not for those shy of big pistols. I also own a Witness 9mm Polymer frame 16 round full size 3.5 inch barrel. One mistake some make is to weak power loads in the 10mm stay over 550 ft lb to 700 ft lb no cycle issues. Heavy recoil spring needs the stronger rounds. Wolf springs sell others if you want to drop down in power. 10 mm is a full size 40 cal. If you want a weaker recoil go with the 40 call pistol. Same bullet dia some same weight. 10 mm auto is a bear. Company stands by product.
By JP from Floida
One Helluva Fine Pistol, January 24, 2011
One of the most balanced and well made firearms I've ever had the pleasure to own and shoot. Very accurate and reliable, built like a weapon costing hundreds more.
By TimB from Georgia
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