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EAA Sarsilmaz SAR K2 45ACP Black, Adjustable Sights, Rail, 14 Rd Mag

EAA Sarsilmaz SAR K2 45ACP Black, Adjustable Sights, Rail, 14 Rd Mag

EAA Sarsilmaz SAR K2 45ACP Black, Adjustable Sights, Rail, 14 Rd Mag

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ITEM #: 741566600654
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Reviewed by 9 customer  
Simply "WOW", February 28, 2016
Right out of the box, one of the most accurate pistols I have ever shot. Smooth operation. Very little recoil and spot on for follow up shots. Can't say enough about this piece. With the 14 rd mag, the grip is a bit "thick" but still fits well, even in my smallish hands. Excellent shooter. Before you drop $1000 or more on a S&W,SPFLD, SIG or HK, take a very close look at this from won't be disappointed.
By Bianchiroad from 84117
great gun for the price, May 16, 2015
I myself love this gun and glad that I got it I have the same issue with the sights I moved it all the way to the right and it is still off some going to take to gunsmith and hopefully he can fix it I don't see why not.other than that would I buy is gun over again yes I would
By southern man from s.c.
Fantastic pistol!, December 25, 2014
This pistol has a great deal to offer, such as a huge capacity(14+1 45acp), smooth double action, smooth 4.5 lb. single action, excellent finish, loaded chamber witness hole, and fully adjustable sights. The length is the same as a full size 1911 Government, and the weight is comparable to a 1911 until you actually fill up that big magazine. The grip is fairly wide, like a Beretta 92, but my medium-sized hands are very comfortable holding it. Recoil/muzzle flip is very light for a .45. The Impact Guns description says the barrel is blued, but in reality it's either polished stainless or chrome plated(the Sarsilmaz site claims it's chrome plated). There are a couple of negatives, though. The first is that it only comes with one magazine, and the second is that the rear sight is not centered in the dovetail, and even with an adjustable sight, it won't quite adjust far enough to compensate. It's in tight enough that a hammer and punch won't move it, so it I'll need a gunsmith's help. Not a problem, though, since the current price of the pistol is extremely low right now, and I don't mind spending an extra $10 on a smith. Hopefully, I can pick up another one of these pistols before the price starts going up.
By Rich from WY
Bro, do you even adjust sights?, October 14, 2014
Wasn't too sure about this when I bought it. The double stack is what sold me on it. Got it, took it to the range and like Dave said, sights were off. Unlike Dave, I didn't send it back because the rear sights ARE ADJUSTABLE! So I adjusted them, and now it's dead on. Sometimes, you have to be smarter than the equipment. ;) Only issue I have is that when you load a magazine with 14 rounds sometimes it doesn't like to feed that first round. It appears to be an issue with the lips not holding the bullet at the right angle. It's only one mag, but it's something worth noting.
By Ante Omnia Libertatem from Wash. State
Quality exceeds price tag, October 12, 2014
I love this gun. It was accurate right out of the box. If it hadn't been,the sights are much easier to adjust than other hand guns like the XD. Mine came with 3 mags,not sure how since the are advertised as coming with two. Very nice fit and very manageable recoil. Excellent machining and finish work. Best of all I took home from lgd for 460. One of the best handguns I've owned.
By Charles from USA
k2 rocks, May 27, 2014
I own one of the first k2 45s sent to the usa. It is issued by the turk military and the only country that gives its troops a 45. The grips had a cracking issue, which were replaced by eaa. Otherwise I have put 2,000 shots out of it without a problem. Very accurate gun with fit and accuracy better than guns twice the price. You cant go wrong buying this gun.
By TJ from Michigan
Bad rear sights out of box, September 19, 2013
The K2 had sights that were actually installed about 1/8 inch left of center when I opened up the box to go shooting. I took it to a local gun smith and there was nothing he could do. I sent the K2 to EAA (cost $85) UPS . And got it back in about a month. I sighted in the K2 and was happy. The next time I took it out shooting I had been wearing it on my belt in a tac holster. Guess what...the thing was way out of sight again. The mgr at EAA was less than happy but said to send it back. I am really displeased with Sar and EAA
By Dave from Tucson
amazing, March 09, 2013
great gun for the price ,a bit heavy but its well made and the recoil is very manageable ,making it easy to reacquire the target after each shot . my sights were off but a few tweaks with the included tool fixed that . probably not the best choice for those with small hands .but great for those that that do
By BnayRegesh from Texas
Perfect!, February 06, 2013
This does come with 2 mags but EAA sells them and ships fast. Gun shoots perfect and feels great in your hand. Feels like a heavier version of the Beretta 92F. Recoil isn't much worse than the 92 either. Should have picked up the 9mm version while they were still under $300. Overall great gun for the money in this caliber.
By Matthew from Upstate SC
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