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EAA SAR B6P Sarsilmaz 9mm 4.5" Barrel, 16rd Mag

EAA SAR B6P Sarsilmaz 9mm 4.5" Barrel, 16rd Mag

EAA SAR B6P Sarsilmaz 9mm 4.5" Barrel, 16rd Mag

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ITEM #: 741566600937
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Reviewed by 26 customer  
Good weapon, November 04, 2016
Very nice hand gun, it is a little tight at first inspection but after putting a few rounds through the weapon it loosen up. There is a torture test video of this hand gun I suggest you watch it. Very impressive for the price. I highly recommend this hand gun.
By jumpschool from NC
Had to buy another !, March 17, 2016
I've had a SarB6P full size for a few years now, love it so much I got a SarB6P compact ( also great ) But ! I had to get another SarB6P full size From Impact Guns ! The Turkish take pride in the guns they make ,Don't confuse inexpensive with cheap! They are quality at a great price ! 👍👍
By ksdad2two from Kansas
Terrific CZ 75 clone!, March 03, 2016
I have a CZ P-07 that I love, great gun for $400! ... Took it to the range, it is more accurate than my CZ, probably because of the longer barrel, shoots close groups at 25 ft, love this gun with 200 rounds so far, easy to break down and clean. No misfires. The barrel and guide rods are both stainless steel, so the quality is there. It does have a bit more trigger slap than my CZ, but not a deal breaker. I bought 2 more 17 round mec-gar mags that fit it decently, so I'm a happy camper!
By marcoangels from Marco Island, FL
junk, February 18, 2016
Purchased this gun based on the reviews given here. Was excited to pick it up from my local FFL. Took it to the range and could not even fire 1 shot. The ammo would chamber after racking. I have a CZ 75B that I love and was hoping to find another gun similar but cheaper. Well it was cheaper, very cheaper! I should have stayed with CZs. Buy at your own risk.
By Paul from illinois
Cheap price, February 17, 2016
cheap price
By Bullgod from ky
Answer to "help", February 17, 2016
You can buy the CZ 75b magazines they fit perfect! I love this gun!!
By Anarchyboy17 from LV
help, January 20, 2016
love the gun but cant find extra magazine for it any info on how to gewt one would be apprecated>>> Check the related items
By firewolf427 from anderson ,IN
Quality-Underpriced!, March 20, 2015
Well built cz75 clone. ...........Brought a bit of lube, ran a patch and worked the stiff action a few times. Ran 36 rds of Blazer, 36 rds white Winchester, 36 rds of Starfire. Didn't matter 115 grain, 124, ..........hollow point or ball, not a single hic-cup. ...........This is actually a 17 rd magazine, (only comes with 1). The more you shoot this the smoother it runs. Think I'll get a twin soon. :)
By Dangerous Dan from Salt Lake City
revolver guy but love this pistol, January 05, 2015
I am a die hard 357 revolver carrier at 53 years old. I picked this gun up as my first 9mm to broaden my gun horizons. The price $358 out the door and jet black look caughth my eye in the eaa case. As soon as I picked it up it fit my hand better than the wheel gun. I have taken it to the range several times and can't not believe the accurracy right out of the box. I have feed steel and copper thought this with no issues. The short crisp trigger is something new and refreshing from the wheel gun and took me a box of shells to get used to. Breakdown is tricky the first time lining all thing up but a breeze after the first time. Very few,4, internal parts to play with. The slide catch and safety are well within reach of my humb and after many uses loosen up nicely. The slide is a bit narrow it rides in side the frame not on top but that makes it thinner which appeals to me for easier carry just make sure you have a firm grip. I would recommend this gun to everyone. I am considering this as my new carry gun. Now the search for the holster but based on first looks this will not be an issue either being a CZ clone provides plenty of options.
By Bach from Pittsburgh, PA
Best 9 for the money, November 15, 2014
got the gun ... has been perfect,have shot everything aluminum,brass,and steel cased ammo 4000 rounds in 3 ftf's or fte's.It has fired everything every time I would tell every one to buy this gun. Sights or on and trigger is nice.For the money nothing compares to this hand gun.
By Donald Wright from Shelbyville ,In
Bought 2, November 03, 2014
I purchased the first one because it felt good in my hand, the prices was right at $325 and I wanted a home self defense 17 shot 9mm. Thus it met my basic needs and the reviews were good so I figured I would not be out too much if it was lame. Out of the box it never missed, my son started IDPA and in two rounds was shooting marksman without an issue and I too was impressed with the ease of use and accuracy. I keep my ammunition to base calibers and always keep 2x of each gun type for the event of a failure with no parts availability. ... and if the price makes you wonder, shooting it will seal the deal. Best bang for the buck, no pun intended. Holsters and mags are CZ 75 so no real issue here, easy to clean and fun to shoot. We have put 2k through it in the first gun and I have not had a misfire using reloads. Just a solid foundation self defense weapon.
By scb from Arkansas
Great bang for the buck, August 23, 2014
Great pistol !!! Especially for the price!
By Pistol Packer from Ca. USA
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