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EAA Witness P Compact SA/DA 10mm 3.55" 12+1 Poly Grip/Frame Blk

EAA Witness P Compact SA/DA 10mm 3.55" 12+1 Poly Grip/Frame Blk

EAA Witness P Compact SA/DA 10mm 3.55" 12+1 Poly Grip/Frame Blk

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ITEM #: 741566111396
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Reviewed by 3 customer  
Engineering oversight, October 13, 2017
After around 400 rounds, the front slide insert sheared itself off. After looking for replacement parts on the EAA store, noticed that they only have one size for 9mm,40,10mm, etc. Obviously the pressure of a 9mm wouldn't run a piece through the ringer like a 10mm, so that's why it didn't hold up. Not good having a gun break itself on you. Using the warrenty to get it fixed wasn't worth it, did it myself and sold it off.
By Pete from AZ
broken slide frame after 200 rounds, May 05, 2016
Really excited to get this gun, read the reviewsfrom a few years ago avout the slide frame cracking and decided to ask EAA direct if this was still a problem. Got the response that "no the issue has been resolved " and bought one. Loved the feel, great action and had a great time shooting it. Took it apart to clean it and a piece of the gun falls out, turns out it was the same problem they were having all those years ago, apparently not resolved. Now after buying it in good faith that this wouldn't happen I try reasoning with customer service, on the pretext that they would stand behind their word, or at least remedy the problem. Bo such luck,I've been stonewalled and I have to pay the full shipping price (a quarter of the price I paid for the gun). Hard time recommending this sort of product to anyone based off that.
By Lazy AZ from Arizona
Can't wait to try one..., April 08, 2012
Have had a Colt Delta for years... big fan of the 10mm. Was wondering how the Ten would do in a concealed carry size handgun so I bought a S&W 310 NightGuard. Surprizingly enough, full power loads weren't too bad... wouldn't want to shoot more than 100 at a setting... so 75% of the time I shoot 40S&W. Very handy, smaller wheelgun. Now, if I could just find one of these EEA 10mm Compacts in stock...
By Gary Ivory from NorthCoast, Ohio
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