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CZ 75B 9mm Polished Stainless Steel 16 Rd Mags

CZ 75B 9mm Polished Stainless Steel 16 Rd Mags

CZ 75B 9mm Polished Stainless Steel 16 Rd Mags

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None Better Than CZ 75B, April 10, 2015
Bought my first CZ 75B recently. Had been looking for a while and was astonished at how beautiful the polished SS 75B is. One draw back was the plastic guide rod, but I changed it to a SS rod soon after the purchase. I finally got to the range with it last week and let me say it performs equally as beautifully. The gun is well balanced and feels good in hand. The grips are comfortable, yet have the right balance of texture and firmness. Recoil was suprisingly easy and comfortable considering the exposed alloy frame on the front and rear grip area. Trigger pull is smooth, but expected heavy in DA, but SA pull is clean and short. It took me a little while to find that right spot for my trigger finger on the trigger to minimize discomfort, but I think thats because of the shape of the trigger. I may round off the edges a bit in the future for comfort purposes only. I will definetly paint or change the color of rear dot sights to either white or glow paint for quicker targeting and low light conditions. I consider myself a slightly above average shooter out to about 20-25 yards. I was putting all 16 rounds in mags in 2"-4" groups on bullseye targets at 5, 10, 15 and 20 yards. Twenty yards had the largest groups at about 4". Thats as good as I'd ever done with any pistol, and this was my first time shooting this gun. Its very accurate and easy to shoot. I used 4 different brands FMJ 115 gr ammo, and the 75B ran them all with a single hiccup. Overall great pistol for guns in this price range. Worth every penny.
By Carl E. from Georgia
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