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Colt 1911 New Agent, 45 ACP, 3", Black Finish

Colt 1911 New Agent, 45 ACP, 3", Black Finish

Colt 1911 New Agent, 45 ACP, 3", Black Finish

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ITEM #: 098289041937
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Reviewed by 11 customer  
god created man but sam colt made them all equal, December 03, 2015
I bought this gun to replace my glock 27 wich I am a big fan of I'm a glock guy having the 27 23 and 22 model as far as I was concerned and still am the glock is a world grade gun Back to the colt I have always wanted my own colt my dad has a Saa and was always impressed with the quality and the way it Felt it was always a pleasant expirance to shoot even though it's just a 22 so When wanted to buy a new carry gun I started to look at mustangs then I saw a defender same gun as the new agent with a different finish and sights and was still thinking mustang but the more I looked the new agent maid more sense so I purchased mine it has had 200 rounds threw it so far give or take two or three the recoil doesn't bug me at all but I have two smith&wesson 44mags with 8-3/8 barrels that I shoot one handed and some times both at the same Time so the colt seams mild to me when I shoot it it has to be in my top 2 guns as far as the way it feels in my hand and the action is great the only gun that feels better in my hand that I've shot is my big smith revolver I bought mine with the Crimson trace grips and they were dead on out of the box I can hold a pretty good group at 15-20 yards with it where I practice I would recommend This gun to any one some people complain about the sight if you want traditional sights buy a defender
By Pistol pete from Utah
I have a new EDC, August 10, 2015
Incredible gun. To my post 50 eyes the lack of sights is a plus as you don't need to try to focus on the little white dots just level the gun and shoot. Besides how many of you concealed carry folks wait to shoot until you line up the dots? All the good training I've seen states clear the holster and shoot. It seriously only takes a few mags to feel the leveling of the front and rear and your sticking them in the 9 ring at 7 yards. Even though it's a 3" 45 my arthritic hands easily kept her on station for rapid follow up shots
By Flat water from Nebraska
Best Gun ever, July 15, 2015
This is by far ... the best gun ever for it intended purpose. It was designed with a single purpose ... to provide close encounter personal defense. The .45 cal model (there is a 9mm model also) is for… sorry to say, “killing” at close range. It has no other purpose… It was never intended for target practice, or hunting.
By dansoy from Biloxi, MS
small but powerfull, January 29, 2015
The only thing is... Buying here is super easy and no hassle! They got on files the nearest gun stores in your place. You dont need to go in he gunstore to make arrangement no more. Once the item delivered, just drive and pick it up! Its easier than buying a tomato in grocery store!
By COLTer from chandler, az
Great carry gun, September 19, 2014
I guess there are those who feel that they can review guns that they never saw in person, much less owned it. It does have a beaver tail, it is about the same weight as a fully loaded Glock compact and no one would be silly enough to buy a gun with trench sights and then complain that it has no sights. It does have sights, just not the ones most are used to. Try point shooting because that is how most will shoot when faced with imminent death. My gun is flawless so far with 200 rounds of FMJ and 50 rounds of Gold Dot and HST JHP rounds. My first shot, point shooting at 7 yards, hit the bulls-eye but I have been shooting all sorts of firearms for over 40 years. At longer distances I used the trench sights and after two mags, was able to put all shots into a 6" Shoot N'C target out to 15 yards. Recoil is stout but nothing like some hits I took playing football. I tend not to feel recoil while I am shooting. The gun is everything I want in a carry gun. I own some very tiny, very small, small, medium and large guns but I like a gun that just fits my fist, is all metal, has a hammer, crisp 4 lb. SA trigger, manual and grip safety and shoots a .45. Why do I prefer a .45 to other calibers? I never shot anyone with any other caliber.
By Vinny from Florida
Colt New Agent 45acp, September 12, 2013
Just got mine . Arrived on 9/11. right from the start it performed beautifully. Not only a good lookin pistol,but alot of firepower and recoil not bad at all.Im left handed and wish it had a safety for lefties.Im real happy with mine. well worth the money..Jack in Mo.
By Jack from Missouri
Decent but not 100%, July 28, 2012
Love the idea of this small, powerful carry gun but it falls short as being perfect out of the box. Needs a beavertail for my big hands. Sights suck. Small beads front and back would help accuracy and would not snag. On the heavy side for being called a Lightweight. Overall personal rating 6.5 out of 10.
By Uncledave from Henderson, Nevada
Excellent Colt, August 30, 2011
Hello, My New Agent is my primary carry pistol for good is light, powerful, thin, reliable and accurate.... The trick to field stripping a double spring 3" 45 is to use some form of a loop to hold the recoil assembly back with the springs compressed.....I like to use a small zip tie loop... Rgds Eric
By egumpher from FL
Very Nice Colt, December 24, 2010
The reliability you can expect from Colt. This is a beautiful looking firearm, well balanced, durable and has never jammed on me once due to the tried and true single stack magazine. The only drawbacks are that the grip can be a little small for bigger hands, the sub-compact design is nice but is achieved with a very tense spring so complete stripping takes a bit of effort (but that’s the nature of these sub-compacts). Lastly, dings and scratches show up quickly on the matte finish if your not careful. All and all I adore this firearm and completed my CCW with it. Thanks
By Jeremy Martin from Wilmington, NC
Daily Carry Gun, December 20, 2010
I bought the New Agent in November 2009 for a daily conceal carry weapon. I have put about 1000 rounds through it at the range without a problem. The sights take some time, but I got the hang of them pretty quickly. I would highly recommend the New Agent.
By Chris from VA
Colt New Agent .45 Excellent for Conceiled Carry, November 16, 2010
I purchased the Colt New Agent .45 Caliber Semi-Automatic handgun a couple of years ago. It is my first choice when it comes to concealed carry. It is now extra thick like the double stackers and with .45 cal it has some of the best stopping power around. It is very accurate and shoots like a larger frame gun, very smooth. The New Agent does not have actual sights so there is nothing to snag when you’re in a hurry to get your gun out to use. If there were any cons to this great firearm it would be the difficulty of fieldstripping and reassembly. There is a trick to disassembly and reassembly that takes awhile to learn. Colt could probably do more to help with their instructions. If anything ever happened to this gun I would buy an exact replacement, I love the gun.
By CrazyInjun from Houston Texas
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