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Colt Defender 1911 45 ACP 3" 7+1 Black Hogue Wraparound Grip SS

Colt Defender 1911 45 ACP 3" 7+1 Black Hogue Wraparound Grip SS

Colt Defender 1911 45 ACP 3" 7+1 Black Hogue Wraparound Grip SS

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ITEM #: 098289012166
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Reviewed by 16 customer  
Best 3" 1911, January 14, 2016
Great gun. No problems. I have owned and shot two other 3" 1911's, and this is the best, by far. Very accurate, and easy to shot. Hogue grips absorb the shock. Highly recommended. Don't agree with the negative reports I have read here. I believe these people may have gotten a gun needing work. This happens, and when it does you always hear about it. I have not had one FTF, or jam.
By Eric from Ct
'Nite-Defender', March 04, 2015
Traded a few guns I had sitting around... for something else... I could,"sit around"... One was the Nite-Defender... nice, small, .45, very good CCW gun... My occupation requires that I should carry concealed, so, I carry whenever I leave the house and this little package is small, light but powerful. I have put maybe 150 rounds through it and it has never shown any signs of problems. I have quite a few small carry guns. This one is always one of the best, IMHO. My choice of which to carry is balance between quality, reliability and what I happen to be wearing at the time. Sometimes my choice has to do with the area I find myself traveling to and I have always felt the Colt Defender provided me with a good choice. I might mention, I do not own a Glock... no particular reason, just never bought one. I do have a number of 1911's and as said, this one is very nice, high quality and serves a purpose in my situation. Good choice in a small, light, reliable package.
By speezack from Virginia
Loud, October 27, 2014
I love this gun I have shot about 1000 rounds on this gun from hollow point to the cheapest ammunition no FTF but it is a super loud gun say goodbye to your ears I say this because whos caring ear plugs in a real life situation whit that being said I do recommend it.
By Angrymonkey from TEXAS
Love my defender, December 11, 2012
I bought my defender in 2009. I have since put about 1000 rounds through it without a single failure of any kind. I have several carry guns, Ruger,Glock,Beretta,Kahr,all are great guns but I think the most of my defender.
By wfmatlock from Columbia,Tn.
Defender 1911, October 29, 2012
I've owned my Defender for quite some time now. I have put around 3000 rounds through it over the years. I don't know about other people's Defenders but when mine gets around 100 rounds through it, at one time at the range, it starts to jam and I am talking ever sort of jam. If I oil it, real quick, it works just fine again not clean it or anything just put some oil on it and keep shooting for another 80 or so rounds, It like dries out or something and needs oil. As far as accuracy: The first bullet seems to be spot on and the first magazine seems totally on target, if I take my time and shoot kind of slow, but If I rapid fire and heat the gun up it is all over the place. Seriously, it is embarrassing. The first few rounds firing slowly, not heating the gun up, I can hit golf balls at 15 yards, It is that good and the first mag at slow rate or high rate of fire will hit a basketball size target every round at 30 to 35 yards. If is heats up forget about aiming it, it is nothing but a gut gun at that point you better have pressed up against what you are intending to shoot or you be liable for what those bullets hit. You do not want this firearm in a long drawn out fight. At 30 yards it's off by 8' high, low, left, right talk about spray and pray. Let cool down and the first few shoots are dead on. I would trust this gun with my life and if the bad guy was holding my loved one as a human shield and I was close enough I would take the shoot as long as it was the first few rounds spent. You just have to know your gun. Same make and model but they act a little different. Wish it had ambidextrous safety and mag release and night sites that are fully adjustable also the grip it built up on the right side and flater on the left making it a better set up for a right handed shooter nothing available for lefties.
By AP from Colorado
So Accurate & it eats up any ammo you feed it., May 13, 2012
I've owned the .45ACP for 6 years now. They are not cheap or inexpensive. Colt was the original 1911 .45ACP gun on the market. Years of design experience went into this weapon. I shoot on a regular basis. I keep my gun clean & properly oiled. After probably 5,000 rounds, this gun shoots as accurate as day one, I've never seen a hot stack condition, feed jam, eject jam, or any field failure, ever!!! The feed ramp comes well polished and runs any ammo, including hollow points, without any issues. Well balanced, nice fit and finish, serious power for a gun this size. As far as 1911 .45ACP goes, this gone is very easy to conceal. I've shot many top name, high prices 1911 models and none have shot more accurate, smoother feel, or been more reliable as the Colt Defender. If you life is on the line some day, what's more important? Plain and simple, this gun is sweet, you will fall in love with it and if ever needed to save your life, it will perform!!! Do yourself a huge favor, go to your local range, rent and test fire one for yourself if you're not convinced.
By Hollywood from Michigan
Colt Defender, February 07, 2012
I looked at this weapon back in 1997 and ended up purchasing a Glock 30, Picked up the Defender in 2010 and I love it! I haven't had any problems with it, fires ever time with NO PROBLEMS! I sold the Glock and looking back I should have purchase it back in 97, I would have save hunderds of dollars too. I've read some of the other reviews and the thing that most don't seem to understand is that like anything that is man made there are perfect ones and ones that have problems, I must have picked a good one because it's good in all areas.
By Magtransam from Utah
A SOLID CHOICE!!!, January 12, 2012
I carry this weapon every day, only a couple small problems: It didn't like to feed hollow points, (makes sense, as the 1911 itself was built AROUND the .45 acp ball cartridge, and in reality, ball ammo will take care of any 'problem' just me) but that was easily fixed, as my gunsmith lightly filed down the edges of the lower portion of the chamber, now it eats up anything. It's as accurate as the shooter (don't listen to someone saying it's 'inaccurate'). You might get a couple brass ejections to the face while firing through a 100rnd box, but I never found it to be a huge issue. Very comfortable to carry, and I'm satisfied. FYI-if you plan on carrying hollow points, make sure it is a compact gun load, as regular .45 hollow points do not reach the proper velocity (1000fps) in anything less than a 5" barrel. (ex:corbon 160 gr dpx is a good choice, as ballistics tests were done with a 3" barrel)
By TIM from Iowa
DEFENDER,OFFICERS, November 26, 2011
Im looking to purchase a Defender,I carried an Officers ACP.. At first it would only feed hard ball,went through 4 or 5 different kinds of ammo until i found the right one.after that no problems at all.Even a Corvette gets bad gas sometimes.Change stations.I am a big Colt 45ACP. fan.I will get a Defender and if I cant make it work for what it was intened I will let everyone know.
Don't waste your money!, November 02, 2011
As a very satisfied current owner of 4 other model Colt's, it pains me to say that this is by far the worst firearm I have ever owned. I have put hundreds of rounds through this firearm only to have a ridiculous number of failures, cases to the face and the accuracy is horrible. After extensive research, my experience with this pistol is quite common.
By Mike from PA
Not Good at all, October 29, 2011
This gun had FTF, stovepipes, and just about jammed every 3 shots. It went back to Colt twice and a local gunshop once, with no improvement. I got rid of it and bought a Kimber Ultra Raptor II which has been flawless and it has fired over 800 rounds so far. I would not recommend this pistol to anyone. I wanted to like it when I bought it, but it just plain didn't work well. I would not trust my life to this pistol.
By Charlie from Connecticut
colt, October 19, 2011
this gun is a colt what else is there to say a1 quality easy to pack
By bangfx from la
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