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Colt 1911 Government Series 1991, 45 ACP 5", Matte Blue, Rosewood Grips, 7 Rd Mag

Colt 1911 Government Series 1991, 45 ACP 5", Matte Blue, Rosewood Grips, 7 Rd Mag

Colt 1911 Government Series 1991, 45 ACP 5", Matte Blue, Rosewood Grips, 7 Rd Mag

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Reviewed by 7 customer  
Every One Should Have One, July 26, 2016
When learning to field strip a 1911 Hickok45 is the man to watch. I also learned to avoid the 1911 scratch when putting your slideshow pin back in use a small piece of electrical tape right above trigger guard and slot where pin goes in this will stop scratch till you get learn the right spot to put your pin in. Hope that helps. Bill Z.
By Ziggy60 from Philadelphia.Penna.
Everyone should have one, April 14, 2016
I have been looking at 1911's for a while now. Finally decided I was going to get one, and only a Colt would do. I was not disappointed with my decision. Great price from Impact Guns. Delivered timely and in perfect condition. This firearm is a dream come true. Good looking, low felt recoil, and accurate right out of the box. Field stripping a 1911, as I quickly learned, is not as easy as some other pistols. But with a little practice it comes around. Lots of great You Tube videos out there that I found extremely helpful. If you have been thinking about a .45 but were concerned with weight or recoil, don't hesitate. You will love this gun. Everyone should own a 1911, especially a Colt.
By Vern S. from Minnesota
Colt #1, January 08, 2015
It's just plain hard to beat a .45 ACP, especially a Colt Government Model... just ask Sgt. Alvin C. York. In short, it gets the job done quickly and effectively. Just the sight alone of that big bore .45 commands respect, especially from the bad guys. With +P factory loads, the .45 ACP is just unbeatable in power. However, I recommend just using standard pressure factory loads in the 1991, just to keep the unnecessary wear off the pistol. As the old saying goes about the .45 ACP cartridge... one will stop a bus... two will stop a train. As for the gun itself (and in my own opinion), Colt is putting back the quality control in the series 1991 models that wasn't available in the early 1980 models... at least that is what I have noticed. If you purchase a Colt .45 ACP 1911 model 1991 Government Series, you will not be disappointed... guaranteed.
By Colby Gladden from El Paso, TX
This is a great deal, December 09, 2014
trust me- I'v been shopping for months and this is by far the best deal on a real Colt 1911. Order was simple and gun was at my local gun store in a few days. My gun store could not touch the price!
By Aldo from WY
"It served my country well", August 30, 2011
After carrying on of these side arms for over a decade until the US Military shifted to the Baretta 92F, I can say without hesitation, I would much rather have the stoping power of the .45 ACP. I know I could have the same caliber gun from a different make but why would you choose anything but the original. It feels like an old friend and carries well, better than the Baretta. So what if you have more rounds in you magazine..if you need all 15 you had better practice more.
By tmelitta from San Diego
The Once and Forever King of the Classics, August 30, 2011
My Colt 1991 Government M1911 has been a real joy to own and to shoot. I've owned it since June of this year (2011) and put about 300 to 400 rounds through it. I haven't had a single problem with it, and it has definitely lived up the reputation of the 1911. The pistol is accurate, reliable, and extremely comfortable in the hand. Recoil is more than manageable with standard commercial .45 loads. My only complaint is that the white paint in the dots on the rear sight came off. This is a minor gripe compared to the overall quality of the weapon. For those of us who want our guns to be deadly AND attractive, this Colt fits the bill. The classic blued finish and rosewood grips give the weapon a timeless look that harkens back to the original 1911s that our boys carried to war. There is something about a classic, military spec 1911 that stirs the heart. If you want a superb, beautiful 1911 for home defense, personal defense, or for target shooting, the Colt 1911 Government is a great choice, and much less expensive than the many "tacticool" versions you'll find out there.
By Benjamin from Colorado
An excellent choice for your first 1911, December 01, 2010
The Model of 1911 is the prototypical American semi-automatic handgun and, as such, ownership of at least one example is perhaps required of all American gun owners. Colt is the iconoclastic M1911 maker. As a complete novice to pistol ownership -- and gun ownership for that matter -- I spent a long time researching my options. I researched as many different 1911 style models as possible, from Kimber to Ed Brown, Springfield to Smith and Wesson, Para Ordnance to Wilson Combat. I decided to start at the beginning with a basic Colt. When I held my first Colt O1991 (the M1911 design with an added firing pin defeat to prevent accidental discharge if dropped) I knew I was on the right track. It fit my hands well and felt comfortable, like it had always belonged there. It had a solid, weighty feel, and the movement of the slide was as smooth as a Barry White ballad. Fit and finish were excellent. The slide to frame fit -- a contentious issue surrounding 1911 lore -- was quite good, although not as tight as some other brands. The manufacture, however, was as precise as some models costing three times as much. While I contemplated the more customized versions of the M1911, I realized starting with the Colt O1991 offered a blank canvas. I could leave it in its original configuration and enjoy the classic lines or I could have my own modifications performed. After nearly a year of ownership I chose the latter, performed by Colt's more than capable Custom Gunsmiths. My Colt O1991 is a beautiful and comfortable handgun that has been absolutely reliable. It is a wonderful choice for a first or only M1911, and judging by my particular example, the quality and reliability is such that it may become your grandchild's first M1911 as well. I am more than satisfied with the Colt O1991 and have absolutely no regrets about my purchase. I recommend it highly. If you purchase the Colt O1991 and are not satisfied, you are likely a Commie who hates Barry White.
By David from Crystal Lake, IL
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