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Cold Steel Scimitar Spike, W/Sheath

Cold Steel Scimitar Spike, W/Sheath

Cold Steel Scimitar Spike, W/Sheath

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ITEM #: 705442006695
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Reviewed by 1 customer  
A knife thats hard to place, November 27, 2010
This Knife was a little hard for me to place in my collection. It breath fighting knife, but is missing some key futures. I'll start with what I liked about it. It's thick and well balanced allowing it to sit in your hand well. The cord handle has a decent grip. The blade is thick and well ground. It's a little hard to sharpen but it holds a wicked edge. The sheath is very nice. I was not able to easily shake the knife out of the molded sheath and it is thin and minimalist and I found it to be easy to conceal without printing. Now for the not so good. The blade is too long and sharp at the tip to make it good for a multi purpose knife, another point against multi purpose is the handle is too thin for someone like me with larger hands to get a good wrap around grip. It's biggest fault as a fighting knife is two fold. There is no guard so it's liable to slip through your hand and cut you (I've sliced myself pretty bad that way). The way around not having a guard is to turn the knife into a downward grip and brace the pommel of the knife with your thumb...I found it impossible to get my thumb up onto the ball at the end of the grip with any kind of secure grip or speed due to the curve of the long handle. Is still a well made knife despite it's faults, and it looks pretty cool too.
By Erro from New Mexico
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