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Cobra PATRIOT 9MM, 3", SS Slide. 10 Rnd Mag

Cobra PATRIOT 9MM, 3", SS Slide. 10 Rnd Mag

Cobra PATRIOT 9MM, 3", SS Slide. 10 Rnd Mag

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ITEM #: 832716006027
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Reviewed by 4 customer  
Still my favorite., June 19, 2015
I've got more expensive guns, and more ergonomic guns, but this one is still my favorite. Many reviewers claim this model jams but I haven't seen it yet. Limp-wristing maybe? I got this one because of the stellar customer service I got when I bought a worn out FS380 from a pawn shop. They replaced every moving part for free and then split the frame pressing a new barrel in. The tech came out and asked what color I wanted my new gun to be. They are just that good. It's pretty accurate for a fixed sight gun and 9mm ammo is incredibly cheap to reload. My kids love it, it's fun to shoot, and a great deal with a lifetime warranty. It's obviously not a Kimber but can hold it's own with any of the affordable models.
By needhlp20 Dave from Utah
Just a bad firearm, December 23, 2013
I got one of these brand new. At first it shot alright but I soon started to get a stove pipe every other round. I called them and they gave me a new magazine completely free to try it out. It didn't work. I tweaked it and used different ammo and no matter, what it would always jam some how. Not only that but this trigger pull is absolutely ridiculous. You have to pull so hard, even for a double action, that it gets very difficult to aim and it is already a tiny gun. Ergonomics are also trash as the fit on the plastic grip is not comfortable at all, the weight is off because it's top heavy, and there was no good way to hold it. No matter what it just did not feel good in my hand. Overall the gun was awful but it did have one saving grace. Customer service. I shot this gun for a bit trying to break it in or get used to it and it just never happened. After all of that I called Cobra with my situation and they agreed to send me a different gun. Can you believe that!? They sent me their Shadow and I completely customized it the way I wanted it and they sent it out to me. I wrote a review on that gun too. At the end of the day, this gun is atrocious and you can spend 260 bucks on way better fire arms, but Cobra has incredible customer care. That's why it got a 2 and not a 0.
By jtb484 from Pittsburgh
Great Carry Gun, November 10, 2013
I own this gun and would buy it again and recommend it to others.
By rlmillerlv from Las Vegas
nice size and fit, August 20, 2012
All I care about is that the gun fits and works every time. I have been shooting my Cobra a lot- and it's both for me. Bonus is the good price. I got it at Impact.
By Bill W from COlorado
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