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Chinese Type 56 SKS Carbine 7.62x39 20" Barrel, C&R, Good Condition

Chinese Type 56 SKS Carbine 7.62x39 20" Barrel, C&R, Good Condition

Chinese Type 56 SKS Carbine 7.62x39 20" Barrel, C&R, Good Condition

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ITEM #: 787450222199
Reviewed by 15 customer  
Great buy, February 24, 2015
I bought two and mine came with the little man and the woman! BONUS!! the wife is a little suspicious cause I'm spending a lot of time in the garage cleaning my rifles :)
By Ro Ga from Garage
I can't believe you guys, March 29, 2014
That little guy holding the rifle is ready to fight to the death. There is nothing racist or offensive about the picture. I'm only wondering why the bolt on his rifle is locked back.
By John from Texas
Soldier, March 11, 2014
What I see looking at the Asian Man holding the SKS is a Soldier Waiting to KILL YOU! People Who See A Racial Stereotype Are Too Sensitive To survive. As a vetern of that war and ERA I call you Dangerously Ignorant. Two Things You Should remember. A lamb that lives with Lions always loses the whats for lunch vote. When Immigrants can outvote citizens Than you have given your country away! MORONS!!!
By BOB 67 from Georgia
Chinese SKS, August 31, 2013
I have 4 Chinese SKS's and 1 Yugo 59. The stocks on the Chinese ones always look like they have been through a war, but that's the idea. I wish mine had more original art carved into the stocks. And they are fun to shoot.
By Robert from Philly
SKS is an exceptional rifle, June 28, 2013
I have a 1950 Russian SKS, which is the predecessor of this one, and in many cases manufactured on russian machinery. I love my rifle, it is accurate and trustworthy to fire every time. I am usually able to get 2 in groupings at 100 yrd with just iron sights. SKS is a great SHTF weapon as carrying stripper clips of 10 rds is far simpler than magazines of 20 or 30 (Not to knock magazines in anyway!) but you can get fast enough to load 10 rds, that it is just as fast as a full magazine. that all being said,The fourth picture down, of the woman with the rifle, is carrying a mosin type 53, not an SKS type 56.
I really like the rifle (and the picture), June 24, 2013
Wish I could get another rifle. Very collectable. I knew I should have bought more than one
By Buster from Nevada
WOW!!, June 13, 2013
All I can say is WOW. I took a chance, hoping for the best, and boy was I surprised when it got here. I had no idea if it would come with the little Chinese guy or not, but it did! He's great and my kids love him. I would highly recommend. The gun on the other hand... it's okay.
By N.Wittig54 from Phoenix
Hypersensitive, June 12, 2013
Rifle looks definitely rough. Being married to a woman of that "certain race" I fail to see what is so racist about the picture. The reality is that the picture of the (yes Asian man) holding the rifle was commonly laughed at, put down and underestimated but there are many of his enemy that were not laughing in the end when his 7.62x39mm bullet found its target. The VC and his ilk are some of the most determined and ferocious enemies to battle against and earn my respect even though I despise communism.
By Eric from Texas
Picture of this Asian, June 01, 2013
I'm just saying the picture that you have for this rifle looks offensive towards a certain race. Do you not see the image that this picture is portraying?
By Customer from Houston
Type 53, March 17, 2013
Bought one of these about a year ago and with some good old elbow grease got her almost shining like a new penny! Dead on at 2 hundred yds and very happy with her...
By billyjoebob from ND
Got one of these... - rough but worth it, March 06, 2013
Okay. If you expect a mint, orange wood stock Norinco then quit reading now. What I GOT was a fully matching, arsenal /26\ gun that looked rough on the outside but was unbelievable on the inside. The bolt face had no wear, the bolt itself and its mating slots in the receiver were stunningly unworn. Bore is MINT. This must have thing protected the largest noodle factory in Bejing and never got fired much at all. Mine turns out to be a 6 digit, 1956 dated (1st year of production) piece of pure firearms history! Sure the stocks rough but it matched and this is history friends. Shoot it - hell yes! Do bayonet practice running full speed into sandbags while the stock gets destroyed - hell no. Good luck - I took a spin and liked what I got for the money.
By Maximus from Teaxs - last free state in the USA
Holy Viet Cong, January 25, 2013
Lol at that pic! I imagine these rifles came straight from the Vietnamese Army and were used back in the Vietnam War, hope theyre not too bloodstained!
By Masteraceman from Georgia
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