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Charles Daly Little Sharps 22LR, 24"

Charles Daly Little Sharps 22LR, 24"

Charles Daly Little Sharps 22LR, 24"

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Scope is optional- not included

Through the ages, the miracle of birth has stirred even the hardest of souls. A new "baby" has been born into the gun world and given the name Little Sharps, and what a sweetheart she is.

The Sharps rifle is noted as the most accurate and powerful hand held weapon produced in the 1800's, and still holds the long range record at 1000 yards. After the Buffalo were gone, the gun was to big for anything else and the Sharps factory went out of business in 1884.

For over a century now, the dependable old reliable design of the original Sharps rifle has been begging to be manufactured in a lighter caliber. These are based on original Sharps Buffalo Guns and scaled down 20% to create the Little Sharps.

The Little Sharps is a dream to handle and shoots with such accuracy and integrity that even the novice shooter quickly understands what a piece of work they are handling. Unlike the original Sharps which was pretty much used only for shooting buffalo, the Little Sharps is quite versatile. She is a rifle for young and old alike, and is an ideal Ladies gun.

One of the advantages of the downsizing of the Sharps is the change in the weight. An original Sharps Buffalo Gun weighs around 14 pounds. The 38-55 caliber Little Sharps with full octagon barrel weighs 5.7 pounds.

The rifles are complete with a fully operational set trigger, just like the originals, and wait till you try the trigger- fantastic.

We can proudly say that we love this little rifle, and own them ourselves!

Read: "Guns of the Old West (Fall 2008): Charles Daly Little Sharps" (PDF format)
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