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Caracal Model C, 9MM, Quick Aquistion Sights, 15 Rnd Mags

Caracal Model C, 9MM, Quick Aquistion Sights, 15 Rnd Mags

Caracal Model C, 9MM, Quick Aquistion Sights, 15 Rnd Mags

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ITEM #: C1QS9011
Reviewed by 3 customer  
Great shooter, August 22, 2012
As soon as I got a hand on one, I knew I was going home with it. The feel is great, the trigger is smooth with a crisp break, almost no overtravel and a short tactile reset. The low profile of the slide was interesting. When I field stripped for the initial cleaning, my impression was that all of the parts were well made. And my first range trip reassured me that this was a keeper. Now where I go, it goes.
By G Shuler from Austin, Tx
Named for an Arabian Desert Cat, August 02, 2012
I was working in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2009 for the Emirati Air Force and went to a military exposition. There was a Caracal booth to introduce the new pistol that was being manufactured in the UAE. I actually met the designer who is Austrian I think (I threw away the brochures), but I think he designed a Sig model. Bottom line is they bought the best engineering money could buy and it has multiple options for sights, triggers and safeties. The designer was very happy with the company because they gave him great latitude to build the gun he always wanted to design. I went to a shooting range in the basement of the Military Officers Club and shot it. I was very impressed with the quality and found the quick acquisition sight to be pretty good, though I didn't think it was great. They also bought the best machines money could buy to do the manufacturing. The whole program was very impressive. While at the exposition there were some retired British soldiers who were working in the Emirati Army and they had fired them and were very impressed and happy to have them as their new side arm. The company reps said they should be available in the US by summer 2010 but when I asked at Impact Arms they had never heard of them, so they are a couple of years behind schedule.
By Big City Al from Utah, USA
First Review- SCORE!, May 14, 2012
Pretty good ergonomics, the backstrap is a bit sharp on the rear edge, trigger is pretty standard striker fired, it is smooth and has a pretty good reset. The QA sights shorten up the sight radius on purpose...They are fairly fast to acquire when compared to the non-QA sights. Takedown is fairly straight forward (ala Glock). Overall quality is pretty good. Price point is pretty close to Glock and the entry level XD's.
By CB from HQ
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