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CIA C93 Semi-Auto Rifle, Cal. .223, 40 Rnd Mag (HK93)

CIA C93 Semi-Auto Rifle, Cal. .223, 40 Rnd Mag (HK93)

CIA C93 Semi-Auto Rifle, Cal. .223, 40 Rnd Mag (HK93)

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ITEM #: RI1531-X
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Reviewed by 3 customer  
Cold War Tank, August 25, 2013
Bought my CAI C93 recently as a option outside of the AR trend! Took it to the range with apprehension from the horror stories I had heard from others about Century rifles QC. To my complete satisfaction it ran like a dream. It ate up steel case and cheap ammo like a monster starved. Even ammo I wouldn't stick in my AR ran through this tank of a rifle! The old aluminum milsurp magazines that come with the rifle may have worn springs and can lend them selves to feeding problems. But no extraction problems whatsoever. With new springs or new or even polymer magazines I've yet to deal with a problem other then the enormous smile on my face and limited ammo supply! This rifle has been the highlight to my collection. 4 trips to the range in 4 weeks with just over 800 rounds through it. While build quality may not be HK fit and finish. Everything else about this rifle is solid as a rock from the tank tough built internals. For those who dare to be outside of the AR inspired rifle trend this rifle is sure to deliver!
By Matteo from Lexington, Kentucky
Must Have, December 16, 2012
I did not purchase this gun from Impact but only because there were out of stock. You can't beat Impacts price or customer service. Just purchased from an online auction is I love this gun. 300 rounds without a hitch. I used a variety of ammo from cheap to mid range without a problem. This is a must have.
By Capthotrod from BSL, MS
Shoots great, November 14, 2011
So, I bought the c93 (first ever rifle) and finally got the chance to shoot it. I didn't see any stove pips or F.T.E. I shot around 120+/- rounds and my bolt gap dropped from a .013 to a .012. I still need to shoot some more to see where it will settle. The only thing that I was kind of mad about was the fact that there were grease stains up above the ejection port and over to the other side of gun. Also, Century Arms heavily oiled the heck out of it and there was sand in the part where you insert the bayonet. Word of advice: check and clean it really good. Other then that, it's a keeper despite what the past reviews were about the C93 Sporter.
By chueyee xiong from fond du lac, wi
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