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Bushmaster BA50 Rifle 50 BMG 30" Barrel W/AAC Cyclops Brake, MagPul PRS Srock, 2- 10 Rd Mags

Bushmaster BA50 Rifle 50 BMG 30" Barrel W/AAC Cyclops Brake, MagPul PRS Srock, 2- 10 Rd Mags

Bushmaster BA50 Rifle 50 BMG 30" Barrel W/AAC Cyclops Brake, MagPul PRS Srock,  2- 10 Rd Mags

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Reviewed by 4 customer  
Bushmaster ba50, February 28, 2016
Always wanted a 50bmg, looked around for a bit and found Impactguns. Impact guns had the best price around that I had found, also a great help in the shipping process. When I got this beast I just had to go out and shoot it. What a rush and the "kick back" was not more then a 12 gage. Great rifle, great company, would and will buy from again.
By Chris from Western new york
Excellent Impact Guns Supt, BUT No Bushmaster Supt, June 10, 2015
Impact Guns provide excellent support. The firearm is excellent in all respects except for trigger pull which measures consistently >11.5 pounds. Bushmaster traded manufacturer of this weapon to Dakota Arms, so BM will not service and Dakota Arms says 11.5# is design and they cannot do anything about it. Currently they cannot even find parts. I am sure I will solve the trigger problem eventually, but probably not with Bushmaster's tech support who talk a good game but don't dig too deep of you find they arrogant and still think the trigger mechanism is an AR-15. One look tells you it is not an AR-15 trigger group. There is a reasonable after market fix by Bill Springfield, but you must send your trigger parts to them for work. Since I cannot find parts, I will not trust the mail with my only trigger group. Just so you know, with 11.5" pull, the best 100 yd group is hand size! BUT, if you buy anything get it from Impact Guns, they are great
By Phillip from South Carolina
Check it before you fire it, October 14, 2012
Great service from Impact guns. Fast shipping. Got gun home and was cleaning it and upon inspection I noticed one of the threaded pieces the bullet passes through in the muzzle brake was loose! Took me all of 10 minutes to tighten with gloves. Great gun, but please makes sure your parts are tight before taking her out to the range!
By Lex from Nebraska
BA-50, January 02, 2012
Excellent Rifle, The more you shoot it the smoother the action. Actually hip fired it with no recoil.
By D from Middle TN
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