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Burris Laser Rangefinding Riflescope 4-12x42 Mil Dot Reticle, Matte Finish

Burris Laser Rangefinding Riflescope 4-12x42 Mil Dot Reticle, Matte Finish

Burris Laser Rangefinding Riflescope 4-12x42 Mil Dot Reticle,  Matte Finish

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ITEM #: 000381001115
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Years of development created the successful integration of a laser rangefinder and a quality riflescope into an affordable package that stands up under severe recoil and with a moderate size and weight.

Sharp, Durable, Accurate, Affordable
First, you can count on the vivid, bright, crystal-clear optics for which Burris is world-famous. Second, you can rely on severe recoil performance that's rock solid. Third, you''d be hard-pressed to find a better laser rangefinder. Fourth, the time-tested Burris Ballistic Plex reticle incorporated in the LaserScope lets you quickly range the target, hold dead on and squeeze off your shot without losing sight of your target. And, finally, you get all this at a surprisingly affordable price tag.

Yep, it looks different
Naturally enough, the LaserScope looks and handles a bit different from a conventional riflescope. After all, the LaserScope is a technologically sophisticated instrument with micro-sized advance circuitry, a precision beam splitter and exacting calibration requirements together with an ultra high performance lens system all in a package that's designed to withstand extreme elements and severe recoil. So get used to a new look in riflescopes, and with the new look, a new level of utility and performance.

Remote Activation
Although fully functional as a self-contained single unit, the LaserScope also comes with a remote activation switch that straps to the forearm of a rifle to allow more convenient and steady operation of the laser.

Lowest Possible Mounting
Burris has developed and protected the most optimal mounting system possible for the LaserScope. This unique mount allows the lowest possible mounting of the LaserScope to the rifle whereas other configurations could be a full two sizes higher. That's important because the LaserScope, by nature of its shape, when mounted at its lowest possible mounting, compares to high rings on a conventional riflescope. So, without the unique ultra-low Burris mounting configuration, you''ll be faced with an Extra-Extra-High mount that''ll make you lift your head considerably from the stock to view through the scope.

This Item Is No Longer Available.
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