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Burris 'Eliminator' Laser Rangefinding Riflescope 4-12x42

Burris 'Eliminator' Laser Rangefinding Riflescope 4-12x42

Burris Eliminator Laser Rangefinding Riflescope 4-12x42

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Burris takes the lead in laser rangefinding riflescope technology by integrating easily programmable customized automatic trajectory compensation with rangefinding capability.



The 4X-12X-42mm Eliminator LaserScope features an integrated 800 yard rangefinder coupled with a very simple yet very accurate method of customizing the trajectory compensation capability to virtually any cartridge. The Eliminator has 39 ballistic curves on board to select from and Burris provides a listing of nearly 600 factory loaded cartridges and the two digit ballistic curve number associated with each. A few clicks in the set up mode is all it takes to enter or change the ballistic curve to perfectly match your specific cartridge’s performance.

Burris has marketed their original LaserScope for four years having now field-proven its reliability under severe recoil and tough field conditions. The new Eliminator takes this proven technology to a new level of technology and begins a new era for precision long range hunting.

In combining these technologies, the Eliminator LaserScope provides the following benefits:

Eliminates the need for a separate hand held rangefinder.
Eliminates the lasering inaccuracies associated with an unsteady handheld laser.
Eliminates sometimes crucial seconds switching between a handheld unit and the rifle during times game is moving closer or further away.
Eliminates estimating distance.
Eliminates estimating holdover.
Eliminates loosing a black crosshair on a dark target by providing a 1/3 MOA illuminated dot that is highly visible under any light condition.
Eliminates the lack of confidence in making a long range ethical shot.
Eliminates missing or wounding shots.
Eliminates missing out on a once in a lifetime trophy.

The Eliminator LaserScope is affordable at well under $1,000, and is of a size and weight that is workable for everyday field use. The Eliminator delivers the extremely vivid, bright, and crystal clear optics for which Burris is well-known.

A single button to activate the laser is located about mid-section on the left side of the scope. In addition, Burris provides a remote activator that can be strapped either to rifle’s forearm or to the objective bell of the scope. The remote activator makes ranging while viewing through the scope more natural and steadier.

The unique mounting system allows the lowest possible mounting of the LaserScope to the rifle. The LaserScope by nature of its shape positions the shooter’s eye higher than with a conventional riflescope. The Burris mounting system allows the LaserScope to be mounted at its lowest possible mounting which compares to normal high rings on a conventional riflescope.


Programming Made Simple

1. First, push the Main Button (left side of scope) to turn on the electronics. Then push the Main Button once more to get three dashes (— — —) in the range area.

2. Next, push the Forward Arrow button (right side of scope) then the Main Button. Hold simultaneously for 6 seconds to enter Set-Up Mode.

3. Select either (Y)ards or (M)eters, press the forward button.

4. Select a (0) 50 yard sight-in, (1) 100 yard sight-in distance or (2) 200 yard sight-in distance, then press the forward button.

5. Select the two-digit Drop Number (04 thru 90) and press the back button. You’re done!

Precision Made Simple

Sight-in your gun at your selected sight-in distance of either 50, 100 or 200 yards. Then verify point of impact by actual shooting at 200 or 500 yards. Depending on the exact ammo performance, your gun’s barrel length, the elevation, and any extreme temperatures, you might need to increase or decrease your Drop Number by a couple of digits for exacting performance.

Life Made Simple

Your programming is stored in the scope no matter the condition of your battery and it will still remember your programming with no battery at all.

The Hunt Made More Enjoyable and Successful

The Burris Eliminator LaserScope is in a league of its own. No other riflescope combines this level of quality, technology, accuracy, simplicity, repeatability and effectiveness. It will greatly increase the distance at which you can be confident in making an ethical shot. You do the hunting and shooting, the Eliminator will do the memorizing and calculating. The Eliminator is affordable and of a size and weight that’s welcome for everyday field use. The revolutionary new Eliminator is a brilliant riflescope innovation that ensures long range hunting success.

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