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Burris 4X-16X-50mm Black Diamond Riflescope W/Side Focus, Ballistic Plex Reticle

Burris 4X-16X-50mm Black Diamond Riflescope W/Side Focus, Ballistic Plex Reticle

Burris 4X-16X-50mm Black Diamond Riflescope W/Side Focus, Ballistic Plex Reticle

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"BLACK DIAMOND" RIFLE SCOPE, 4-16x50, Ballistic Plex Reticle, Side Focus, 30mm Tube

Making a shot on a ram at 400 yards or a coyote in the next zip code requires a unique skill set and special tools. Beyond superior vision, patience, a steady hand, and an accurate rifle, shooting ultra-long-range is all about having the right scope. A scope like a Burris Black Diamond.
Engineered specifically for the rigors of long range shooting, Burris started with a 30mm tube then added multi-coated optics precision-ground from superior glass. The end product is a scope that delivers extraordinary sharpness, contrast and clarity that out-shines even high dollar European scopes. 

The Right Tools For The Job

Ballistic Plex
Precision rangefinders, specialized rifles and more accurate ammunition have removed some of the variables in long-range shooting. However, with a basic crosshair reticle, calculating hold-over is a mix of art, science and just plain luck. 
Which is exactly why Burris developed the Ballistic Plex reticle. The key is the copyrighted lower vertical crosshair. With most common hunting cartridges, a shooter can use the reticle to compensate for bullet drop and aim dead-on at targets from 100 to 500 yards out. The need for hold-over guesstimation is eliminated.
Using it is simple. Start by sighting-in your rifle at 100 or 200 yards at your scope’s highest magnification. Then, once you determine the distance to your target, select the appropriate ballistic line. Add slight hold-over or hold-under for in-between yardages and take the shot.

Burris has kept the Black Diamond’s length, weight, and mounting profile to a minumum. Other practical features like fingertip adjustable and resettable dials, up to 4 inches of eye relief, and convenient side parallax adjustments are a big plus when the pressure is on.

Forever Warranty – Protects Burris products from any defects in materials or workmanship — even if you are not the original owner. Burris will, at our option, repair or replace the item at no charge.

Unique Technical Features
The outer tubes & internal components are extremely robust.
The adjustment system is:
- repeatable
- steel on steel
- with audible clicks
Double internal spring force. Every Burris scope has it.


• Posi-Lock is a coil-spring assisted retractable steel post that firmly and & securely locks accuracy into place. 
• Once the reticle is zeroed, the covering tube (red) replaces the internal spring (green) & locks the inner tube in place. 
• All scopes have one spring that allows the adjustment of the reticle. 
Some of the competition competitors offer a double spring whereas the double spring is the STANDARD for all Burris products. 
• As an optional, it’s possible to have the special Posi-Lock system. 
Posi-Lock scopes remain perfectly zeroed year after year even during transportation.

In the closed position, the force of the spring is substituted by the force of the steel post on the internal tube of the scope.


On all rifle scopes:
• Each scope is filled and purged at least 24 times with high quality, laboratory grade dry nitrogen. Each nitrogen cycle absorbs airborne and residual surface moisture that is evacuated from the scope
• Every scope is individually recoil, water and fogproof tested 
• Burris uses specially made quad seals to provide double insurance against leakage


Recoil Test
Burris scopes are subjected to extreme recoil tests
An impact machine is used to measure and duplicate the recoil pulse acceleration and duration.
This machine has been calibrated and verified by an independent laboratory to replicate the wave frequencies and shock impulses that a scope is subjected to.

Waterproof Test
All Burris optics are proven to be absolutely waterproof.
Each scope is submerged in water with a temperature of 50° C.
The extremely hot water transfers its heat to the scope and the internal nitrogen expends 100% testing assures quality. 

Fog Test
The nitrogen contained in the scope is:
• of high quality (ultra dry, laboratory grade nitrogen)
• ultra pure
• ultra clean
To be sure that all airborne moisture and surfaces moisture within a scope is evacuated, testing consists of 24 cycles of 
• pressurizing the scope
• subjecting it to a vacuum
The tests are both cost & time intensive

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