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Anderson Manfacturing

At Anderson Manufacturing, quality is expected of each person on our team.  Additionally, we have invested in the latest coordinate measuring machines and implemented the latest quality assurance practices and procedures to ensure that every part is a conforming part, made to our customers’ exact specifications.


Impact Guns has chosen to sell the Anderson AR15 rifles as a direct result of the RF85 treatment given to each rifle. A fantastic advancement and a perfect fit for the AR15 operating system.

The feature that sets the Anderson AM15 Rifles apart from the masses is the proprietary RF85 treatment allowing rifles to operate efficiently without “Wet” lubricant. In a coefficient friction test performed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the reduction of friction on all steel surfaces was reduced by 85%— without traditional “wet” lubricant, hence the name RF85. An RF-85 treated weapon cycles faster and more reliably, operates at cooler temperatures, experiences significantly less wear and, without traditional “WET” lubricant, doesn’t experience failures due to excess dirt and carbon fouling in the action.

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