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Laser Designators and Illuminators are precision optical lighting instruments using advanced patented green laser technology! Laser Genetics of America is now one of the nation's fastest growing manufacturers of personal-use laser lighting products.  

Common for all Laser Genetics products is the patented optical collimator. Through a quick and easy to use, one hand adjustment of the beam diameter, you will be able to focus illumination where you need it most. By adjusting the beam to a wide diameter, you can light up any object in low or no light conditions, or pinpoint a target in close quarters with minimal natural light. Contrary, by adjusting the beam to a narrow and more intense light it could be used to illuminate your target up to 500 yards* or used as a bright signaling device for search and rescue in case of an emergency situation.

The ND-3 Series Laser Designators and the ND-5 Laser Illuminator are developed to be used in weather conditions of 40 F or above. For cold weather situations and temperatures of 40 F and below, we recommend using the NEWLY designed Subzero line of products. Through innovative technology and unique circuitry they are specifically designed to operate without loss of power in extreme subzero temperatures.

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With low energy use and high illumination yield, the ND Series of Laser Designators enables you to focus full illumination where you need it most, with the least loss of light due to "flooding". The ND Series puts you in full control of directed laser light for maximum illumination of the intended object.

LGA is dedicated to developing high efficiency laser illumination products specific for outdoors, law enforcement, military, marine, EMT, and home defense use.

The ND-3 Series, ND-3 Subzero Series and the ND-5 Laser Illuminator are hand held laser products that utilize new laser technology that delivers the ultimate night vision solution at an affordable price and suitable for any weather condition.  


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