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Thermold Magazines started in the 1960’s as a molded plastics injection manufacturer that served the automotive industry. It's founder, William Howard, was well known in his hometown of Wilson, N.C. as an innovative thinker who held many patents. Mr. Howard was also a big game hunter for whom making firearms more reliable was both a passion and a necessity.


Using a nylon resin called Zytel, developed by DuPont after World War II to replace metal in large-scale manufacturing, Thermold began producing weapons magazines that resisted heat and corrosion, and functioned with extreme reliability. Thermold magazines rapidly became the product of choice among military personnel, law enforcement officers and sport shooters around the world.

Products are proudly made in the United States in North carolina. Today, many of the firearm industry’s largest and most prestigious distributors are once again able to sell the trusted line of Thermold magazines and weapons products.

"Time-tested quality and reliability. That's Thermold."

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