Vortex 2x Doubler

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When the total weight of your gear is critical, keep your options open for long-distance viewing with the help of this lightweight, waterproof, pocket-sized piece. With the Vortex Doubler you can increase the magnification of any full size Vortex...

Vortex Binocular Harness Strap

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Here's the most comfortable way to carry your binoculars for hours...this binocular harness strap spreads the weight of your binoculars across your shoulders for more relaxed viewing. This ingenious strap keeps your binoculars and rangefinders, even...

Vortex Binocular Tripod Adapter

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Will you be glassing or watching wildlife for long hours? Simply use the Vortex tripod adapter to lift the weight of binoculars off your arms and onto the steady support of a tripod. Using a rock-steady tripod mount will allow you to spot small details...

Vortex Uni-Daptor Tripod Adapter

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The unique, quick-release design of the Vortex Uni-Daptor lets you easily mount your binocular on a tripod or car window mount for extended periods of glassing. When you switch to free-hand glassing, there's no need to remove the Uni-Daptor from your...