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Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Compact, DUO TONE Finish, Rail, 7 Rd Mag

Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Compact, DUO TONE Finish, Rail, 7 Rd Mag

Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Compact, DUO TONE Finish, Rail, 7 Rd Mag

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ITEM #: 091664910514
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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Oustanding value for the money, June 13, 2016
I have owned guns for almost 30 years. I have had Desert Eagle, S&W, Springfield and both 9 and 45 caliber in many different semi-auto makes and models. This has become my favorite gun. Not only does it have the single/double of my favorite (up to now) S&W 4506 3rd gen, it has every feature I could want and it's compact and small. I was going to get a Sig p320C 45 Ultra-sub-compact, but it may never happen. This gun is here, now, and proven. Having a picatinny rail, loaded indicator, ambidextrous, the best trigger lock I've seen on any handgun. It's also serviced by Gander Mountain. Could not be better. I don't know why you don't see them more. Don't forget to use Wilson Combat Lube on all your firearms.
By ddb_olde_45 from Colorado, USA
Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Compact, February 03, 2015
I have owned this gun for 5 - 10 years now. I went to Cabelas with my brother to help him pick a "cowboy pistol"! The clerk brought this to the case and was going to insert it. I asked to see it, and bought it! Never even made it to the case! Mine is in .45 auto caliber and is a real powerful gun. It is the standard finish, not the Duo tone. A trip to the range proved this gun to be reliable, accurate, and dead on at self defense ranges of 20 to 30 feet! It is close to being as accurate as my Trophy Match 1911 .45 match gun which cost me 3X the price 15 or 20 years ago! This gun is fairly light without being overly so, deadly accurate, and small enough to conceal. I have only one minor beef with it. With the standard "blued" or phosphate or what ever the finish is, it rusts easily unless you keep it well oiled. If you carry it every day, you should wipe it down with an oil rag with a good gun oil at the end of each day. The sweat from your body will rust is quickly if you don't! That said, this gun is a real winner! Easily able to maintain 1.5" 5 shot offhand groups at 30 feet with good commercial or hand loaded ammo! This is minute of "bad guy" heart or between the eye accuracy. It is compact, light enough to carry, and 100% reliable with every ammo I have used to date. That includes some questionable light loads I tried in it also! This is my "go to" carry gun, and with good reason! If you need a great carry gun in a caliber with unquestionable stopping power, this is IMHO the BEST gun available for the job!
By justa45plz from Usa Missouri
Great AUTO and especially for LEFTIES!!!, January 16, 2014
First auto ever purchased that is truly for LEFT HANDED persons. Very well made auto and thought not well known, it should be a rising brand! Easy to conceal works great!
By Crossdraw from El Paso, Texas
Great Impressive gun for self defense, July 18, 2013
Recently purchased a Thunder 45 UC Pro and put 200 rounds through it and no problems. It feels perfect in my hands, accurate and easy to shoot. This is an excellent affordable gun for self defense that let me conceal and still have the power of my 45. Also allowed me to use same ammunition. Highly recommend this gun for anyone. Recoil is also less than my full size 45.
By jeepnut from Georgia
Great conceal carry gun !, May 09, 2012
I just reseantly purchased My new 45 Ultra Compact and wow I love it , Its easy to conceal and very accurate up to 30 yards, Great feel and alsome power ! good choice !
By cooter from sc
Bersa Thunder .45 Ultra Compact Pro, February 19, 2012
I have had my Bersa Thunder .45 Ultra Compact Pro for two years. It is an excellent value, reliable, comfortable to shoot, very easy to break down and clean. I really like the de-cocking safety feature. I also like the sights with the white dot front sight and white outline on the rear site. Very easy to acquire the target. Also very accurate. I have carried it as a concealed weapon. Only complaint is the cost of extra magazines. It originally came with two magazines, which is probably enough. I have had zero problems with it.
By Darrel from Utah
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