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Bersa Thunder DA/SA 380ACP 3.5" 7+1 Black Grip Nickel

Bersa Thunder DA/SA 380ACP 3.5" 7+1 Black Grip Nickel

Bersa Thunder DA/SA 380ACP 3.5" 7+1 Black Grip Nickel

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ITEM #: 091664903813
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Reviewed by 10 customer  
still my favorite!, December 25, 2015
My wife purchased this for me 18 years ago. It was a used secondary carry from a police officer trade in. I wanted a conceal carry reliable weapon. It not only is great for this but I still enjoy shooting this as much as possible.
By Camo Turkey Bird from Argos, IN
Fun, safe, reliable..., April 09, 2014
I purchased this firearm for self defense, but little did I know that this is also a fun recreational firearm. I shot 42 rounds through it, and have not had one single failure to feed, fire, or eject. I shot cheap Korean ammo through it. I have NO regrets with this purchase and I'm certain you will not have any either. I will carry this firearm fully loaded and feel safe doing so.
By Kelby from Iowa
good ccw, February 15, 2013
Received this gun for Christmas. I am very happy with the quality and the ease of operation. I carry daily and it conceals well. Have no problems so far. Will probably look for a 9mm version next.
By Kray from Benton, AR
Great C.C. and home protection, April 17, 2012
I've had this gun for almost five years now, and still one of my favorites. I probably put too much money into it, but I think it's worth it. Pairs well with Crimson Trace laser grip.
By BersaLad from Michigan
price is right, November 12, 2011
i not only bought this gun once, but twice. i have only had a few jams and they were always due to operator error. this was my first gun. dis-assembly is a breeze. the gun is accurate, and its easy to maintain. add on top of this the price, and you can not go wrong with this purchase. since getting experience on the range, i can say, this gun is reliable. once i learned the proper way to hold the pistol, and the right amount of tension to place in my grip, i have had zero jams. on my first bersa, i have put close to 1200 rounds through it. my 2nd has roughly 800. they both fire very well. my gf has this as her ccw. ive upgraded to a glock 23. however, i still carry this myself from time to time. this gun also has more safety features than you can shake a stick at. the only downside to that would possibly be thinking it is too safe. in that i mean, you may get too comfortable with all the safety features and become negligent. please, treat all guns as if loaded and ready to fire!
By ctrlkeyme from north alabama
What a deal!, May 03, 2011
I cant believe how lil I paid for the quality I recived. Ive fired 2000 rounds of assorted HP and ball through this pistol and not one hickup. I also own a PX4 and I cant fire any better (standing no support)with the Berretta then the Bersa 2.0 groups at 15 yards. Very easy to clean and field strip. I also never see any used ones for sale, Im really happy with this pistol.
By YellowSpider from Sac, Calif
Economical Reliability, November 19, 2010
Purchased my Bersa several years ago as an inexpensive starter carry gun. It has been 100% reliable. There are smaller .380 handguns out there, but the size is still easily concealable and the extra size helps tame recoil. Can't be beat for the price.
By Mark from UT
Clean, compact, concealed-carry pistol, November 15, 2010
After taking this gun out of the box I found it very easy to understand the mechanism necessary to fire the handgun. The 380 has very low recoil and stays on target. Its size makes it easy for concealing on your person yet it still packs a punch.
By Mike from Salt Lake
Best Buy on the Market, November 15, 2010
Not only is this piece affordably priced, it is in my opinion the best .......380 Compact available. More safety features than any other. After approximately 500 rounds, no jams or malfunctions of any kind. Extremely accurate out of the box, easy to dis-assemble and clean. If Walther's were the same price I would still choose the BERSA.
By Ron from
Great gun and very accurate!!, September 24, 2010
Just picked up mine after 10days waiting period in California. Fired about 150rd. There was only one jam out 150rd. Everything is fine except a little delay for shipping.Took about 10days to get to my FFL. Anyways the gun itself doesnt have any scratch or nick. Wanna buy more in the future from impact guns.
By Jae from California
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