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Bersa Thunder Concealed Carry 380ACP 3.2" 8+1 Blk Syn Grip Blk

Bersa Thunder Concealed Carry 380ACP 3.2" 8+1 Blk Syn Grip Blk

Bersa Thunder Concealed Carry 380ACP 3.2" 8+1 Blk Syn Grip Blk

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Reviewed by 11 customer  
@ Hank RE: Poor sights, January 10, 2014
I love this gun. It has every safety feature you could ask for and still be able to draw and shoot fast. Thin, lite enough. I find with the CC 380 too lite is a controllability problem. This has just enough weight to make it controllable and accurate. I have a Taurus TCP and would not trust myself outside of 6 feet with the thing. As far the sights are considered. You should forget sights on EVERY CC weapon. Learn how to point shoot. Sights are useless in a gunfight. Point shooting is the only way to go for civilian defensive carry.
By Dud from Tampa
Bersa ,Conceal Carry and hollow point ammo., February 22, 2013
I own this gun for several years, and I am very pleased with it, is easy to carry, easy to shoot and clean. The only problem was trying to figure out, what hollow point ammo to use without jamming... finally the Remington 88 gr. JHP, ( R380A1) worked fine.
By Rafael from Evans, GA
Bersa 380 vs. Colt Mustang II, January 08, 2013
For a concealed carry this is a nice pistol. It's thin relatively light and has some nice safety features. I compared it to my Colt Mustang recently. It out shoots for accuracy, controlability and comfort in my hand. With a DA that includes double strike capability and the configuration allows for a much safer carry with a round chambered. A CC weapon needs to able to be drawn a shot. Not drawn and cocked or carried cocked and locked (aka cocked and shot... In you own leg!)
By Skip from Virginia
mgs: That is not a safety, December 31, 2012
Reply to mgs re difficulty of operating the "safety." That is a decocker (that can take two hands to operate), not a safety. This handgun should be carried with one in the chamber and the decocker in the horizontal/forward position showing the red dot. After loading the chamber (and topping off the magazine), decock the hammer using the decocker, and you're good to go. With that long-pull DA first shot and the Four Rules of gun safety, you'll be fine. Had mine since 2007. I've shot it in several IDPA BUG matches. Has over 1k rounds through it with no problems. Does not like the cone-shaped HPs with a big opening. Deployed for primary carry if what I'm wearing precludes the usual Glock 19. When the Bersa is primary, it's in a Comp-Tac Spartan IWB at 4 o'clock. If the Bersa is the BUG, it's in a DeSantis ankle rig.
By BaabSlaab from Montana
Reliable little handgun, good value, July 17, 2012
My first foray into the 380. Have carried the 9mm for years. After much research and range chats I decided to give the Bersa a go. Like any new firearm I had to run a few rounds through it, followed by a good cleaning before it would feed reliably. Since then it has functioned flawlessly. A nice piece that I alternately carry. Also want to mention that the folks at Impact Guns in Boise were awesome. No pompous know-it-all attitudes, just honest answers and good service.
By Ken from Meridian, Idaho
Security Ofiicer, June 05, 2012
I dont have any issue with this gun- a year & no problem at all, easy to clean, my suggestion for the sights is to use white paint for the sights, remove the factory paint- clean and apply new paint, make the sights more visible- a lot better than before.
By Mateo from Hollywood,FL
Bersa Thunder 380 is Excellent!, June 26, 2011
I strayed from the 9mm-45acp into 380 because i bought a Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace as a pocket gun. I then picked up a Pk380 just to shoot and keep in my car as further protection. The trigger pull is awfull on the LCP and it is just a belly gun. I picked up a black and gold edition Bersa Thunder 380 after reading poor reviews on the new Walther PPK. I love it! I really like the decocking lever because i carry it in a Bersa pocket holster with a back up magazine in my pants pocket at all times. Although a little heavy, i prefer the weight when shooting and much better size for hand control. I just traded the LCP on a 1911 but am considering a Thunder 45 next. Great gun as an everyday pocket pistol when you don't have room to conceal a holstered weapon. I even carry mine when just wearing shorts and a tshirt. And it is much more accurate shooting than the LCP/Bodyguard sized guns. Highly recommended!
By Bryan from Gilbertsville PA
Bersa concealed carry sights., May 28, 2011
the sights are difficult to line up which can throw off your aim. anyone with a;suggestion to remedy this situation.
By Hank from Port arthur, Tx
Great gun for the price., May 17, 2011
For the money you cant go wrong. This gun is very well made and is fun to shoot. Other guns in this class are ither to expensive or just not worth the money. My Bersa was a great choice and I have no regrets. Robert.
By Roberto from Carson City Nv.
Bersa 380 Conceal and Carry model, December 16, 2010
I own serveral firearms but I purchased this pistol for several reason. It is small but not to small for a large hand. It is double action. It has a mechanicial safety. Some would say they do not want a safety because it could hinder a quick response in a tight situation. My answer to that is do not use it, but it is there if you want it. That is why I did not go with the Ruger or Kal-Tec .380. This Bersa .380 Conceal and Carry model is well made and very tight. I took it to the range and it shot great group with no jams. Easy to clean and just great all around small pistol. Here in Texas we take personal safety and self defense seriously and this pistol will do the job if ever needed. I hope that never happens!
By Ray from Kerrville, Texas
Nice CW but..., November 15, 2010
This gun is a good basic gun for concealment purposes; its small size belies its damage potential particularly when loaded with specialty bullets. Its size may a bit small for men with larger hands, yet the extension built into the magazine to expand the length of the grip in your hand makes it stable enough. Break down of the weapon is straightforward and it is easy to clean. My only complaint has been that the safety sticks and is sometimes difficult to quickly snap off. Not sure if it is universal or just this gun. I leave the safety off when in the holster (not preferable!), but have also 'upgraded' to a larger handgun with a safety that thumbs down instead of up. That said, I still prefer the lightness of the 380 in the holster.
By mgs from Richmond, VA
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