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Bersa Thunder DA/SA 380ACP 3.5" 7+1 Syn Grip Matte Black

Bersa Thunder DA/SA 380ACP 3.5" 7+1 Syn Grip Matte Black

Bersa THUN380MLT Thunder DA/SA 380ACP 3.5" 7+1 Syn Grip Matte Black

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ITEM #: 091664903806
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Reviewed by 7 customer  
Great little gun..., November 27, 2012
I purchased this as my first "real" handgun (outside of a 22 Ruger target pistol I have owned for years). I wanted a gun I could conceal and carry. This little gem fits the bill perfectly. It's Light weight and small enough to easily conceal without being to bulky. It just feels right in my hand and is very comfortable. I Have shot about 100 rounds so far. I had 3 jams on my 1st 2 clips(14 shots), but that was just me getting use to the gun(limp wrist). The next 85 rounds had no jams. I set targets up about 10 yards away and this gun in very accurate at that distance. Fun to shoot and I really like the 380 size bullets. The gun has little kickback to it, so it's very easy on your hands and wrists. I could easily target shoot this gun all day with no problems. This gun is more of a protection gun than anything. Not made for Competition target shooting ect... but you can target shoot with it for practice and fun. All in all, I feel I made a great choice for my first real handgun.
By ldman from Ms
Great gun, March 08, 2012
Although I have shot many hand guns, this is the first hand gun that I own myself. It has been excellent! I put 100 rounds through it, 50 of two different ammo types and didn't have a single problem. All shots were on target and were grouped tightly, even at 10 yards. Take down is really easy on this gun, don't need any tools and it doesn't break into a lot of pieces. Small enough to conceal if you want to, but still big enough to be fun. Wife likes to shoot it too as it is not too big for her. Highly recommended.
By Robert from Orem, UT
Bersa Thunder 380 a hidden value., August 05, 2011
I shot one on the range and couldn't believe had easy, and fun it was to shoot, so I bought one. The pistol being a blowback is very accurate. The decocker/safety was stiff at first, however with a little polishing it is now very smooth. Some complain of he small sights, I like them for the fact they are hard to snag on anything. The gun points well, and have found to be very reliable. For a gun under 300.00 I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one, or recommend it as a good value.
By Robert C. from Ogden
The Bersa Thunder 380, the best value in a .380ACP, December 29, 2010
The Bersa Thunder 380, the best value in a .380 auto pistol. The last few years have seen the popularity of the .380 ACP cartridge soar. This has been caused by demand for subcompact auto pistols for concealed carry. The .380 Automatic Colt Pistol round is often referred to by so called experts as the minimum caliber for self defense. We often equate this little round with being so conveniently small that it will comfortably fit in a tiny comfortable sub-sub compact pistol. That is, comfortable until we shoot the .380 in these tiny guns. It is then that we realize the .380 ACP is still considered adequate to defend ones life and although manageable, the recoil lets you know that it is there. Queue, the Bersa Thunder 380; a metal framed double action, single action pistol similar to the Walther PPK. The Bersa 380 was made for the .380 ACP round and just looking at it should let you know the .380 round still has some power behind it. This is obvious with the beavertail extending over the web of the hand to keep the hammer from “biting” the shooter, and from the wide grip that fills the swell of the palm. Upon shooting the little gun all thoughts that the .380 ACP is akin to your grandmother’s .22lr are swept way. After the first round you realize that the beaver tail and wide grip and there for a purpose and that this gun means to extract from the .380 ACP the power and authority that we want from a concealed carry gun. The Bersa Thunder 380 is a bargain, costing less than $300. The pistol operates by blowback, in a nutshell this means that the barrel does not move back with the slide. Therefore the barrel itself serves as the guide rod and makes for a slender, sleek look to the front of the gun. The magazine holds 7 + 1 and has a little wing on the tip to keep the little finger firm on the grip. What you’ll like: Single Action capability, the short trigger pull of a cocked hammer lends itself to greater accuracy, and can be fired more quickly; two very valuable traits for a weapon being used to save your life. The single action trigger pull is also in my opinion more fun to shoot. The more we enjoy our trigger time, the more time we make for our guns. This inherently makes us more familiar with our weapons. Small concealable pistols with SA capability have become fewer and farther between As mentioned above, the adequate size and shape of the pistol make it controllable. This combined with the raised contrast sights make it a gun for self-defense and not just one to be touted in a purse. The beavertail does its job, and the grip give the shooter a feeling of positive grip and contact with the weapon. The slide is thin, and when it comes to a carry gun slim is in. Although the grips are wide, for those who carry inside the pants, the slide is the part with which we share the space. The pistol has a safety that serves as a de-cocker. Since manual safeties have proven to cause shooters to fumble over them in an emergency you can use the safety to de cock the hammer after loading, then take the weapon off safe and pull the hammer to half cock. This way the hammer is protecting the firing pin without putting pressure on it, you won’t need to fumble with the safety and the first round will be the long double action known for its inherent safety. The gun feels excellent in the hand and inspires a confidence in the shooter with the positive grip and well balanced feel. Shooting is controllable and the 3.5 inch barrel means that you will get a more complete powder burn ensuring that you get the most out of each .380 round. What you won’t like: Although Bersa makes a special Concealed Carry version of the Thunder 380, in my opinion they all need to be a bit more carry friendly when it comes to sharp edges. The magazine stop is the most notable. It is very aggressive and protrudes like a blade to the left of the gun. The edges of the trigger guard are also a little on the sharp side and feel ALMOST like they could cut the inside of the middle finger. The forward edges of the slide follow the trend and are very sharp. The only one of these that really bothers me is the slide stop lever, but in the holster I use I can’t feel it and it is mostly the principle of something sticking out the side of the gun like that makes me lose sleep. And then there’s the little fact that it comes in a cardboard box with only one magazine. Overall the Bersa Thunder 380 is a solid shooter. It is compact and comfortable to carry but I feel a comfort in knowing that my carry gun is built for business. All for less than the price of many of the tiny carry guns that can hardly be felt in the pocket and during shooting can hardly be felt in the hand.
By Gavin from UTAH
Great all around .380, November 25, 2010
The Bersa 380 is great for most anything. They're very reliable, very easy to shoot (and easy on you, unlike the Kel-tec or LCP), and built well. Ladies prefer this to the super small .380s. Unless you insist in pocket carry, the Bersa is better than them in every way IMO. The Bersa is not hard to conceal. Great all around. I do prefer their 9mm as I think the .380 is marginal, and their 9mm gun has a excellent trigger.
By Nate from Idaho
Bersa Thunder 380, November 21, 2010
I love this gun!!! I like the way it feels in my hand and the accuracy is great. I bought one with little information on it but was overwhelmed by the total experience. I bought one for my wife and she doesn't leave home without it.My advice is to buy one for yourself and one for your loved ones too.
By David from Stoneville N.C.
Bersa .380 for conceal carry, November 17, 2010
I bought this Bersa .380 for my wife to carry as her concealed carry gun. Before giving it to her I ran it though a few tests. The safety options this model of Bersa including the locking trigger by key is a great tool for keeping out of the reach from the young ones. Shoots smooth and cycles very well. This pistol is meant for a person with a small hand, my wife can shoot it fine but theres just not enough grip for me to shoot it with out a extended magazine. I got a few "slide bites" from it. I would definetly recommend it for anyone .
By Jeremy from Oklahoma
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