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Bersa Thunder 380ACP DuoTone 3.5" Barrel, Nickel/Black Slide, 7 Rd Mag

Bersa Thunder 380ACP DuoTone 3.5" Barrel, Nickel/Black Slide, 7 Rd Mag

Bersa Thunder 380ACP DuoTone 3.5" Barrel, Nickel/Black Slide, 7 Rd Mag

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ITEM #: 091664903820
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Reviewed by 33 customer  
the best pistol for the money, November 23, 2015
I have had this pistol about four years.Every time I pull the trigger it goes BOOM.It is very dependable and quite accurate! When I leave my home my bersa 380 goes with me. I carry it in a fanny pack or a IWB holster.It is very easy to conceil. Don`t be afraid to count on this pistol! If you ever need to use it.It could save you and your family! I am looking into buying bersa`s new offering,the bp9mmcc.If it is as good as the thunder I will be very happy.
By Danny lemaster from Flatwoods ky.
Great so far!, November 22, 2015
Shipping was okay I was a bit anxious so to me it took too long (about 7 days). I've only shot my Bersa Thunder 380 ACP once (50 rounds) but I have not had any problems. I shot it right out of the box and haven't had any jams. I am using Gold Dot 90 grain hollow point ammo and as long as I can afford it that will be the only ammo I use! The only thing to note about my first shooting is the left grip loosened up a bit (no big whoop)! I cleaned her up good and plan to shoot more tomorrow.
By MangoKing from Tennessee
Bersa my carry pistol, August 14, 2015
I carry this pistol every day! It is perfect for concealment. It goes bang each and EVERY time I pull the trigger! I have a CZ 97b 45cal. which is a good pistol, but not for carry. I use it for home defense, but the pistol I rely most on is my bersa 380. One of the best pistols on the market!
By Dan Lemaster from ashland ky.
Stay Away!, April 11, 2015
Picked up a BT 380 CC. Thing is a jam-o-matic. FTF nearly every mag. Then the safety literally snapped off and the fantastic (lay on the heavy sarcasm) Bersa service kept the gun for 5 months before sending it back with a charge! Totally failed to live up to the warranty! Gun is worthless and so is the company!
By sully from tallahassee
Every woman should have one!, November 18, 2014
Bought this as a replacement for my Sterling 380 (which had its problems). Great little shooter, tight groups @ 10-15 yards and still pretty-decent groups on an 8" target @ 20 yards, which is pretty much the limit. The perfect CC weapon for those of us who are "small" and still packs enough punch to be effective.
By MSGT from Colorado
Great little gun, a must have, May 15, 2014
I had one of these in Duotone and totally loved it. Being a SA/DA, it is dynamite for carrying with one in the chamber. I was always too scared to carry cocked and locked with my 1911 compact. The 380 round is a good round or ladies or people sensitive to recoil. The longer barrel than an LCP or DB9 is better for the performance of the bullet and you can probably get the round to expand. This way, you can focus on better-performing hollow-point ammo because it will expand (and you dont have to buy hardcast or FMJ). I love the accuracy of the gun in SA. The grips are nice, with the option of getting a laser grip installed. The gun is bigger than the PPK, but lighter at the same time. I sincerely DO recommend only using the Bersa brand magazines because the meg-gear or promag ones WILL NOT FEED. Trigger pull is nice and has a decocker. A little wide for pocket-carry, but easily concealable. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a nice little purse,IWB gun. Pros: Maximum 380 performance possible SA/DA with decocker Easy to use, assemble, disassemble Accurate, Good aftermarket Price! Cons, Clumsier in shape than the PPK, Lighter than the PPK Duotone ugly Sights could hang up on clothing Bersa-only mags work
By Andy from Phoenix
Been wanting one for awhile, now I have it!, April 11, 2014
Best weapon out there in the price range. Excellent fit, form, and function! I updated the grips tot the rubber wrap-around style courtesy of the Bersa website. I haven't got to put as many rounds through it as I'd like due to a .380 ammo shortage. I've got to shoot defense rounds and flat-nosed FMJ, but I feel round nosed FMJ's are ideal. Accurate, stylish, easily concealed, lifetime warranty, great weapon all around!
By Dominic G. from Ogden, UT
What a great buy, August 19, 2013
I was looking for a good firearm for concealed carry and liked the style of the PPK but was turned off by the high price and poor reviews. I did notice the reviews for the Bersa were very good and decided to take a chance. The price was right and I figure at most I would be out 300 dollars. After receiving the gun I have to add my praise for the gun. I am glad I took the chance and purchased a Bersa. This should be a must buy for anyone looking for a 380 ACP for concealed carry. For the money you can't find a better gun.
By Stewart from Hermiston, Oregon
Thunder vs PPK, February 17, 2013
Last year I decided to purchase a Walther PPK instead of a Bersa Thunder thinking "I'll spend the money and buy the better gun"......what a mistake! After three trips back to S&W for ftf/fte issues, I demanded my money back and purchased a Bersa Thunder. Not only was it about half the price, I've put over 500 rounds through it with no issues, it's accurate as heck, and easier on the hand than the PPK.
By Paul M. from Enfield, CT
Ist Bersa in the collection, January 23, 2013
I've had this .380 for a couple of years now, first saw one at a gun show. I thought it looked a lot like a Walther PPK, but was significantly less expensive. It had features like a Beretta 92 that I was used to (3-dot sights, slide-mounted safety, etc), had good reviews, was relatively inexpensive, so I decided to get one. Haven't regretted it at all. It's a great pistol, easy to carry, easy to shoot and clean, great for shooters with smaller hands, and the only misfeeds I had were because of some cheap Russian ammo. Fire some good ball rounds and it'll shoot all day long. I've since added a Bersa compact .45 and a Bersa full-frame 9mm, both of which are great pistols, and a terrific value compared to other pistols. And to think it all started with this little old .380!
By BS4ROB from VA
Jams with large open mouth Hollow points, December 23, 2012
MY favorite Pertection ammo for my Bersa is the Hornady Credical Defense. It feeds well and has good velocity and stopping power
By Dudley from Albuquerque
Great Pistol, July 06, 2012
I have had a Thunder Plus for about two years that I use for a carry gun, my wife hated semi autos so when I finally talked her into shooting it she fell in love with it. So I just got her one of her own for her birthday. I have never had any problems with mine except when I purchased an additional magazine from Bersa and it was bent a little at the top so it did not feed properly, I fixed it with a pair of pliers. I recommend Buffalo Bore ammo for self defence +P works great.
By B from NC
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