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Bersa Thunder 380 DA, Matte/Gold, 7rd

Bersa Thunder 380 DA, Matte/Gold, 7rd

Bersa Thunder 380 DA, Matte/Gold, 7rd

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Reviewed by 8 customer  
Excellent CC Firearm, February 25, 2016
I own two Bersa Thunders. The regular .380 and the CC .380. I love this pistol. The front sight blade fell out of the CC pistol and Bersa said if I would send them the slide, they would fix it for free. For the same cost of sending it to them, I had a local armorer reattach it. Despite that, I consider these to be the second best pistols I own behind my Walther PPQ M2. They are light weight, and they fit my small hands like they were made for me. I am a retired Marine, and I know my weapons! These are an excellent EDC choice. And, I plan to buy another. I trust them with my life!
By Bill Weaver from San Antonio, TX.
Great semi-auto for the price., December 14, 2013
Bought the Bersa Thunder 380 about a year ago. After a break in of about 200 rounds, I am confident enough to carry every day. Clean and well maintained, this semi-auto could save your life.
By Bluesman from San Diego CA.
Great gun, November 09, 2012
I have owned this gun for several months now and like some of the others upon initial brake in period I also had some jams and FTE but this is common on all auto pistols. After the brake in the gun has operated perfectly each and every time. I currently own some much more expensive guns but this one works as well as any other I own. I always carry a gun and the gun I carry is my beloved Bersa Thunder 380. And for those that are wondering all my friends and myself prefer the Bersa over my Walther PPK,s that I own.
By Pappy from Phenix City, Al.
great gun, October 08, 2012
saved my life
By jojo from mississippi
ausome gun, October 07, 2012
thinkingabout geting one heldone and it fit perfectly in my hand and it's light wieght
By camron from mesa az.
Great gun, May 01, 2012
Carried mine for well over a year with no problems. Lightweight and low profile, I carried with a crossbreed IWB holster and loved it. I had the matte nickel finish thunder. Looking at getting the CC version, which can carry one more round with low profile sights and hammer.
By Gbone from summerville sc
Needs Some Fine Tuning, July 12, 2011
Bought a brand new Bersa Thunder .380 with the full gold trim treatment and wooden grips, a very nice looking gun. Then I took it to the range and the love went right out the window. Gun jammed on the 2nd shot, I cleared it and it jammed again on the next 3 shots. I changed ammo and same thing happend. After putting up with this for about 35 rounds I finally got to shoot a full magazine. Next time up, it happened again, this time stove piping on the 2nd shot. Not a happy camper with Bersa righ now, especially since I bought this as a carry gun.
By Mr Al from Smyrna, Delaware
A well made gun!, December 18, 2010
What a great find for the money. I really like this. Bigger than the tiny 380's this fit well into my hand without being too big. I like the extension on the magazine. Shoots great with great safety features. For a lot of gun and a little money, I highly recommend this Bersa.
By Goldyml from Dallas
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