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Bersa Thunder .22LR Matte Finish 10 Round

Bersa Thunder .22LR Matte Finish 10 Round

Bersa Thunder .22LR Matte Finish 10 Round

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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Great .22, May 01, 2014
I bought my daughter a Bersa .380 nickle on the advice of a friend, and for the price I was a bit skeptical whether it was a good pistol or not. I ran it through the paces with multiple brands of ammo and was so impressed, I went back the next day and bought me a .22 version just like it. I've seen the review that had feeding problems or problems with ammo type. Maybe you have a bad magazine, or something because I have probably 20 different brands of .22 ammo, from all over the world and U.S. in weights from ,20 grain to 40 grain, with various flat points, lead, copper, HP, ect. High velocity and standard, and this pistol ran everything I threw at it. I limp wristed it, weak handed it upside down, sideways, shook it up and down while firing, anything I could think of to jam it, and it never stopped even once. A few days later I took all the loose "extras" from that trip and dumped them in a zip-lock bag, all mixed weights and velocities, and just randomly loaded the mag, and again not one stoppage. The pistol is well made, pleasant to look at, all metal, accurate, and I have never had a .22 autoloader that even came close to being as reliable (and I've had several including a Colt Woodsman, a Ruger MK II, and a Walther PP). I am now a Bersa customer for life and I can't speak more highly of the 2 matching pistols we own and have been shooting for two years almost every week and still no stoppages except for one round that had a factory bent rim and wouldn't chamber in any gun properly.
By Lunarfortress from US
Great buy, January 31, 2014
Great buy for money, will NOT fire lead ammo. If you shho jhp with velocity over 1000 fps you have no problem with any manufacturer's ammo. Going to purchase a second for the wife.
By bigd from Arizona
Will only shoot CCI, January 09, 2014
The pistol is very picky about the ammo it will shoot. I tried Federal, Winchester, Remington, et. al., and they all had issues. I could not shoot a complete magazine without a ftf, stovepipe or a jam. I became very frustrated. Then I tried CCI and it will shoot all day with no problems. Maybe it should be sold with the caveat, "Requires CCI to operate correctly." At the entrance of the feed ramp I noticed a small verticle rise with a sharp edge. Could this contribute to the problem?
By Keith from Michigan
Bersa Thunder 22, August 25, 2013
Purchased this gun from Impact appx year ago. Fantastic little 22 I was able to get 4 extra magazines before the insanity took hold. Will never sell it works flawlessly. Highly recommend
By Tom from long island NY
Worth the money, December 28, 2012
I purchased an all black matte Thunder 380 and I was thoroughly satisfied. Great pistol to shoot and feels great. Looks like a Walther if you are a 007 fan. Have fired various types of .380 ammo with no problem. Liked it so much that I went and bought a Duotone Thunder.22 as ammo prices were somewhat cost prohibitive for the .380 and was very pleased with that. Once again I have used various brands of .22lr ammo with very few problems. I really like these pistols and the price does not break your wallet. This is a pistol to be considered by anyone who wants a reliable gun. Easy to maintain and clean.
By Jim from Ravenna, Ohio
Great for practice, March 27, 2012
I already owned a two toned Bersa 380 Thunder and with the cost of 380 ammo beinbg so high, decided to get a .22 to practice with. This gun is pretty much a double for the 380, and even more of a pleasure to fire. Some reviews said I should use a high speed round, so I started it off with 50 velocitors. Then I gave it a try with 100 rounds of the Winchester X ammo. I would say the Velocitors loaded easier, but both fired without a problem. Pretty accurate, reliable, and fun. Magazine spring was a bit stiff, but so is the one on the 380, probably because they are new. It's not a target pistol, but about as accurate as the 380, which is fine for self defense. Take down and cleaning on both is a breeze.
By Scott from Youngsville, NC
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