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Beretta U22 Neos 22LR 6 10+1 Black Syn Grip/Frame Blued

Beretta U22 Neos 22LR 6 10+1 Black Syn Grip/Frame Blued

Beretta U22 Neos 22LR 6 10+1 Black Syn Grip/Frame Blued

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Reviewed by 10 customer  
Favorite Pistol, May 14, 2013
When I read the reviews for the pistol I had some concerns about a recall they had years ago, and some owners mentioned FTFs and FTEs. On the other hand there were a lot of positive comments. I took chance and I'm very glad I did. I really like it, and my wife likes it so much she has decided that it belongs to her. Over the weekend I let my brother in law (the police detective) shoot it and he really likes it. Its very accurate (I have the six inch barrel), fun to shoot, and its the lowest priced .22 auto loader that I could find. Its even easy to field strip.
By Dennis S from Seattle, WA
Awesome fun!!, December 10, 2012
I have owned this for a little over a month now. I have fired over a thousand rounds through it with no problems. Accurate with a 4 1/2" barrel. I wonder how the 6 and 7 1/2" barrels shoot? I like the way it looks and tear-down and assembly are easy for me. The price surprises me for what you get! Buy one!
By hatman3 from Wichita KS USA
years of fun, October 20, 2012
I have owned my Neos for over 5 years now, and it has performed great. Brick after brick of 22lr have been feed through it, and the accuracy of this baby amazes me, love the forward weight and balance. Outshoots my friends Buckmark and Mark 2's. I have had to replace the firing pin, once again brick after brick of 22lr! A few of the alan screw on the top rail and the rear sight windage adjustment screw have loosened over time, would recomend lock tight for top rail screws. The windage has to be re-centered after a few hundred rounds. Great shooter,cheap, and accurate with the dirtiest of ammo!
By rsidehaze from Jefferson City MO
Great .22 pistol, May 14, 2012
It was not to hard adapting to the mag release. About the same as an AR style rifle. No ftf,fte. Perfect run with the cheapest oldest stuff I had, up to CCI Stingers. digested everything flawlessly. Very accurate and modular, very easy to disassemble and clean. Beretta got it right.
By JB from San Antonio, TX
Buy it, February 14, 2012
I was on my way to impact to buy a buck mark. I had it in my hand and was getting ready for the paperwork when I saw this in the case. My first reaction was to chuckle because it reminded me of those old laser tag guns we used to have when we were kids. I had never even heard of a Neos but, I have always been a huge fan of Beretta and have carried a 92fs for years. I had to at least hold it. I have small hands and it immediately felt more comfortable. I did not like the design or the fact that the mag release is on the right side of the gun but I took a chance on it and have never regretted it. I have put several thousand rounds through it without a hitch. My old Walther was very picky about ammo but this gun doesn't seem to choke on anything I have put through it. The only time I had any mis-feeds was when using non-Beretta magazines. If you are looking for a good .22 pistol for practice, you won't go wrong and you will even get to like the magazine release etc.
By Matt from Layton Utah
Beretta U22 NEOS, December 10, 2011
I bought my NEOS a year ago. It is one of the finest shooting .22 pistols ever made. It works right every shot. With over 10,000 rounds fired,I have never had a jamb. I is also very accurate, and the price can't be beat. The only issue I have is the location of the mag release. I have tried several different holsters, and with each one, when I snap the hold down strap shut, it releases the mag. If Beretta can fix this issue, it is definetly a five star weapon.
By Big Daddy from Roxboro, NC
Good Plinker !!!, November 23, 2010
I bought this pistol as a plinker after I purchased a 22LR rifle. This is a fun gun to shoot, the price is good, and of course the price of the rounds themselves is great. I have shot tons of rounds through this pistol (cheap bulk stuff) and it shoots fine, the iron sights aren’t bad, it also came with 2- 10 round magazines which is nice. It is a 22LR so it has its issues like any 22, but if kept clean it isn’t a big deal. The magazines are easy to load, but the shape is a little weird to actually get into the pistol itself (after practice you get used to it). The only problems I have with this pistol are the “thumbscrew” you have to use to field strip it & the weight with the “rail” (only reason it didn't get a 5 star rating)while the rail is nice if you want to use a reflex sight, I don’t think it needs to be the entire length of the pistol. Again though for the price of the pistol & rounds I would highly recommend this pistol to anyone looking for a fun plinker.
By Josh from Taylorsville UT
Love it The Best 22 plinker pistol., November 16, 2010
I have owned this now for more than a year.This is one of the most accurate 22long pistols I have ever shot.The sights are Iron sights and are firm and very easy to sight in.At 25 yards I have no problem in a free standing position shooting them and hitting the targets.Mind you I use dirty bird 8 inch targets.Just wonder what I could do if I stuck a scope on it though.Over all the best cheap 22long on the market.
By winkaz from AZ
Excellent plinker., November 15, 2010
I own this Beretta U22 NEOS.It is a very good pistol and very fun too shoot.I have ran about 2000 rounds through it and yet has not let me down.The only thing is after and I mean after about 400 or rounds give or take it will need a rod ran threw it.It because it gets dirty and then has a little feed problem.And add a little oil and it is ready time to rock and roll again.This is a excellent pistol to began teaching someone how to target shoot and also teach the use and safety of a firearm.This is a very accurate pistol and a must for fun or rabbit shooting.
By Winkaz from AZ
Great plinking pistol, November 15, 2010
If you are looking for a great plinker that shoots great, consider the Neos. I have two friends that enjoyed this gun so much that they are going to order one for their collection too. The only reason I did not rate this a "5" was that I thought Beretta could have designed the breakdown without having to use that "thumbwheel". Other than that, a great little pistol!
By HoppyZ06 from Arizona
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