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Beretta PX4 Storm SubCompact 9mm 3" Barrel 13rd Mag

Beretta PX4 Storm SubCompact 9mm 3" Barrel 13rd Mag

Beretta PX4 Storm SubCompact 9mm 3" Barrel 13rd Mag

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Reviewed by 8 customer  
Good but not great, September 06, 2016
Got this piece a year or so ago hoping to find the ultimate concealed carry gun possibly somthing to replace my ruger lcr For a small gun the PX4 storm subcompact operates very nicely... It is a beautiful handgun but unfortunately it really isnt that small
By Tommy Checkaz from Michigan
Beretta PX4 SC 9MM, August 15, 2013
I always carry a full size pistol, usually an H&K P30 and sometimes I carry a full size 1911 or a Beretta 92 if I plan on having my shirt untucked all day. I decided that I wanted something small and that I could use in a tuckable holster. This pistol is it.If I have to dress up for a dinner party, Church etc. I hardly even know it is there.I have owned this pistol for a couple of years now and have never had any failure with it in the ejection of feeding department. You want a reliable piece you can keep with you at all times, check this little Beretta out. And to me, one of the biggest plus's is, carry with a thirteen round and use the full size seventeen round as the back up, I purchased a couple of X-Grips from Beretta and work like a charm.
By N from TX
Good Carry weapon, May 19, 2013
I was accustomed to striker fired weapons, but It didn't take long for me to get used to the DA/SA trigger. That being said, I am not as accurate as I would like to be with such a short barrel weapon, but I hit my mark. I feel e trembly comfortable carrying this IWB although it probably weighs almost as much as a 4 inch polymer gun. The deco key/safety are the only major downside (they stick out and tend to rub with the wrong holster). You definitely need the righ holster and a good belt to carry this baby.
By Trey from Michigan
Its only deficiency is the shooter, March 06, 2013
I bought this hoping to pocket carry it and was surprised that it actually works as a pocket carry if my pockets are deep enough. It is a bit heavy but I knew that going in and I have gotten used to it. I have 8 guns to chose from and this is my day to day gun. It is a short barrel so unless you are way better than me (which isn't too hard), don't plan on hitting the bulls eye every time with this at the range. If you are used to something like a 92 or a glock, you will find this one a bit more challenging. Having said that, you have 13+1 rounds so.... I have never had this gun fail to feed, even with my own really low power plinker reloads and it looks cool.
By Matt from Layton Utah
Maybe ugly, but..., July 17, 2011
My 9mm sub-compact Storm is broad across the beam and the grip texture is too smooth, but otherwise, it's a well-designed safe carry gun. It points naturally, shoots all the varied brands and weights of ammo I tried, has a light and smooth double-action pull, decent single action pull, 14 rounds a plus. Short length keeps barrel from protruding below cover garment.
By Curt from NW Oregon
Little Heavy for Concealed Carry, July 03, 2011
At 27 ounces, there are many more light weight competitors out there. Berettas are known for their heaviness and the PX4, while great as an idea, does not miss this mark for being heavy. The pluses on this one are DA/SA and two sided safety, if you're into that sort of thing for concealed carry.
By Billy Bob from Houston, TX
Ultimate CCW, December 17, 2010
After searching extensively for the ultimate concealed handgun, I found it. The Beretta Px4 Storm sub-compact in 9mm is everything I could hope for. It is lightweight,compact,& holds 13 rounds. It fits my hand like a glove. The PX4 SC comes with two mags. One mag has a drop-down extender giving me a full hand grip.The features I like are DA/SA,hammer fired v.striker fired, and a manual ambidextrous safety. I can keep a round in the chamber w/safety on with no fears. First pull DA,followwed by SA. It is highly accurate for a short barreled gun.Also features a decocker which I love.I carry this beauty in a custom IWB and hardly know I have it with me.I own S&W snubbies,a couple of Sigs but always find this Beretta my carry choice.For me,it is DEFINTELY the Ultimate carry weapon.
By Dan from Ohio
Great self defense gun, November 15, 2010
I used the Beretta Sub Compact as a carry gun for a while in 9MM in a fanny pack. What was great about it was no matter what brand of ammo either in hollow point or FMJ or +P that I used this pistol would fire. Never had a failure to fire except once when stupidly I forgot to take off the safety. The reason I sold it was that it was a chunky pistol and I could not find a tactical IWB holster for it and I wanted something smaller that I coud conceal more easily. I also due to its short barrel had a hard time shooting the bullseye of the target with it at anything over 15 feet; however for close quarters right in front of me a bad guy would have been no problema.
By Ross from W.P.B. Florida
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