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Beretta M9A1 9MM w/15 Rd Mags

Beretta M9A1 9MM w/15 Rd Mags

Beretta M9A1 9MM w/15 Rd Mags

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ITEM #: 082442817194
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Reviewed by 5 customer  
No words can describe how good this gun is., January 06, 2015
This is the BEST pistol I have ever owned ever!!! Accuracy is completely on point. The only thing though is that getting a holster on this gun is pretty hard. Use Blade-Tech IDPA Combo pack comes with a holster and a 2-mag holder!!!
By MrACE from PA
You get what you pay for..., June 16, 2013
I was at the local gun shop a few days ago, and spotted a Taurus PT92. Liked the style of the gun because I used a Beretta 92FS in the Navy. For 450 bucks, I was so close to getting it. Then an older gentleman down the way informs me that there was a Beretta M9A1 across the counter from me. The guns are nearly identical at a glance. The Beretta shows quality craftsmanship in every detail, where as the Taurus seems a bit thrown together; barrel wiggles around, mag doesn't seat in very tight, and so on. Go with the Beretta. It's a decent chunk more, but you cant beat the quality. WELL worth it. Very low recoil and quick follow up shots are a breeze. Extremely accurate right out of the box. For a home defense gun, I would recommend this to any man or woman.
By Johnny from PA
Solid, Accurate, Dependable!, October 21, 2012
The M9A1 is a very nice, rugged, durable, dependable handgun. I've put about 300 rounds through it so far right out of the box without a single problem or hiccup. It is a FULLSIZE handgun, you probably wont be easily concealing this bad boy. But with it being full size and pretty much all steel it reduces recoil and is balanced beautifully. Every one of my buddies who shot it loved it, including myself (obviously)! Even a couple who were typical beretta haters, enjoyed firing this weapon. I would DEFINITELY reccommend this firearm to anyone who is in the market for a fullsize semi auto for any use! I personally use this firearm as my primary and bedside table gun. The purchase from impact was smooth and quick. I used their layaway program and everything went great! I reccomend this firearm and impact guns!!
By Connor from Tucson, Arizona
One of the BEST Pistols Around, December 23, 2010
The M9 Beretta is one of the best duty pistols available on the market today. It is easy to clean and virtually impossible to damage or break. Don't run a tank over it and it basically won't quit on you. It has some weight to it and I feel that it helps keep you on target because it is more balanced, unlike some of the polymer frame pistols that have gained in popularity in recent years. Perhaps one of the best features of the M9 Beretta is that it is VERY accurate.
By Tony from Ohio
If it's good enough for our military..., December 16, 2010
Great weapon, being used every day by our soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. It hits what you point it at and won't let you down unless you mistreat it. It is a full sized pistol, so a little large for ccw, but a great duty weapon. The grips can be a little large if you have smaller hands and like to shoot one handed (some competitions), but two handed grips should be fine for pretty much anyone.
By Luke from Cincinnati
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